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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What kind of job suit you

Question is "What kind of job suit you?"

I am sure most of the people already know this answer but are you actually enjoying yourself at work? Able to crack a joke in front of your manager or manager is too nice to you?

Me myself working in my own shop so the manager of mine is really really nice, of cos la own shop manager of cos is me la.. =.=

Is the working world, everyone is working not to get scolding or bad impression

And lastly my shop :)
Is located at cineleisure there, first floor :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Staying in or out of relationship

Question is "Staying in or out of relationship is better?"

Lots of people been question this and answer mostly is the same, like "in relationship you hurt badly when you break with your couple", " staying single is better without begin control".

Each of them have their pros and cons, Is in or out relationship is better?

The answer lie within you. Yes! You are the only one who are able to answer to your own relationship no matter how much other people know both of your story, but down deep inside your heart you doesn't want to know the truth and you keep lying to yourself!!

Staying single, not everyone love to stay single. As for me, sometime I love to stay single because you won't know that person in and out, although you know that person for so many year. Begin single bad thing is there is no one "accompany" and you have to be "independent".

Every time in relationship might hurt yourself secretly an you won't know yourself. Love is in the air till anything that block your way you were do anything to clear the path. Blind by love might be a sad thing to say.

So the answer is very clearly that lie within you, if you still can't get the answer mean that you are just playful in your relationship or lie yourself begin a single

Lastly a picture of myself :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Teaching your child

A few day ago, when I am doing lunch with my boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend and that not the point, the thing is both our side is having family dinner.

I notice when I sit in just a few min and my boyfriend fall on the right side twice and the mother didn't even care and just continue eating not even push in the chair just let it tilt at the side! Okie story goes on...

On our right side, is a mother with 2 child about age 7 to 8
On our left side, is a mother and a son about 9 years old

Guess? Which side of the kids enjoying themselves with their mother?

Case "Right side"
The children were eating very quiet and not even making single sound, when one of the child wanted to eat ice-cream, the mother was scolding the child! Wa~ what did the child do and letting you scold just like that! And the kids feel sad and continue eating.

Case "Left side"
The kid same thing wanted to eat ice-cream too and the mother told him to finish the meal first before eating and they having funny conversation, like "mom so fast come back from toilet?" the mom reply "abuden,like u ah need to stand outside wait for you" and both of them laugh.

Looking at both case, left side kid is having fun going out with his mom rather than begin quiet can't talk anything..

I seriously feel very sad those who doesn't enjoy their childhood, in the end when grow up child rebel them more. That what I found mostly Singaporean did that.

I am using my awesome phone which include i infront

Am I working now?

Question is am i working now? Answered is "Sort of working"

Is it fun to have your own shop running which you were like dreaming for so long? and ta-da happen to my life and at the right timing! Waa talk about business till now worst customer I ever met is coming back saying that the earpiece sound so horrible! come on la what do u expect from a $5.90..and I check the sound is actually the sound quality from his phone..and keep saying that my earpiece not good insist of refund! If you want a better quality buy from adelthi shop la..

First few day business was totally good which located at woodland that side right now I am moved to pasir ris side well business really really bad! So those who are thinking opening their shop over at the pasir ris that side I don't encourage if you insist of doing your business there, all I can do is to wish you good luck in your business.

I am using my awesome phone which include i infront

Make Over?

Finally school finish and is time for me to go WILD! is wild, what I mean is BLEACH your hair to the color that I want, nail extentsion and a new style for coming 2011

For now my hair color is having rainbow color. Yes! Which I bleach it myself turn out that the front look nice but back of my hair look like shit! So I will be spending a few more dollar to bleach my hair over at home hair salon going to do research compare which home salon is cheap and good!

As for nail, that how my nail look like now, so I step into this website , kind of wall of text where u keep scrolling down and down till the end of it. Going to give it a try on this coming Thursday which location is at woodland.

Once I am done I will tell u guys how is it yeah!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a day

Finally I found a way to upload my photo. Is been very long since I last blog(not here), so that me.

Yeah I know I look like those old old type of people when taking photo, hand put behind the head and I swear that I was combing my hair using my finger running through. That my old spec which is like about 2 year or so back when i was having my 'N' level time? Good right my eye sight doesn't change much of the degree.

A few weeks ago, I did a fashion runway for "Big And Beautiful" held at seVen which is at iluma and before I even enter the place, is totally look nice at the outside look glam and elegant look BUT once you went in....totally look smaller that I thought of it well I seriously don't think is a good idea to open a pub/club in a shopping mall. Have fun in your boxing day today although is abit late but well haha
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What am I doing in my life now?

Hello people,

Now i am just finish my school life waiting for that piece of paper or whatever it is. Is been really really long that i didnt went to the beach although i have lots of time in the world. Yes! lots of time but is better to like gather lots of friends go together rather than 2 or 3 people it will be really really bored after some time.
Soon I am going to bleach my hair, doing nail extenstion have a new look for 2011 yeah!

so now I am going swim and stupid blogger doesn't allow me to upload the photos so i will have to find other way to put it up here.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Welcome ah girl plus size

Hello people,

Today is the Christmas day and also ah girl first post in here yeah!

First thing first is I am just a normal girl who live in Singapore with wonderful family that I have,well I know is not really wonderful but they give me to me haha

And I am a cosplayer too! I know some people might say lots of bad about cosplayer but who care is my life not their,is how I want myself to live :)

Well that all for Ah Girl Plus Size and Merry Christmas to you!
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