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Monday, December 26, 2011

Event: BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment” Part 3

Hey Guys!
Remember I post a event about this?
BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment”
Event Coverage Part 1
Event Coverage Part 2
Event Coverage Part 3

Ever wonder how plus size rock bikini? Even myself don't even dare to wear but with the courage my boyfriend given me I tried to buy but due to my stretch mark getting more and more it kind of disturbing me recently but that doesn't mean I can't wear it anymore.

I am going to show you how these girls rock the bikini and of cos I am going to choose my favourite bikini and post it up. If you like to know more design/style about it, you can always visit BAB at www.bab.com.sg

One whole piece swim wear, I like the black color piece, it kind of make you look like having beautiful super curves. Might thinking of getting it one day and went for a swim. With the sunglass and lay down like a diva haha, dream on man!

Next, shall be the 2 pieces swim wear. Oh man! I love this super much! The blue color swim wear is kind of like asking me to buy ooohhh~~~

You must be thinking the whole thing is just about bikini?
No no no, This is just the start of it!

I am going to show you the photos and of cos there more just that my camera lost all I have is my phone camera. Really sorry for the low quality photos

Friday, December 23, 2011

Event: BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment” Part 2

Hey Guys!
Remember I post a event about this?
BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment”
Event Coverage Part 1
Event Coverage Part 2
Event Coverage Part 3

Other than the yummy food to pass time, let find some models to interview them! Right?!? If not, the food on the table will be finish by me in no time haha.

Before I am able to grab some model, other big media already snatch them (Due to I am late). But that doesn't matter me! I shall take this chance to take more photo right?

The TNP(TheNewsPaper) interview the whole group and the rest of the media have to wait...And they appear on English newspaper and the Chinese newspaper too!

Look at how confident they are! Looking forward for them to ROCK the runway~ They are just normal people like you and me, no professional model is in there! All these have to be self-confident, without it your nothing!

And soon is my turn interview them! Thanks to Maria and Marie!
They are Belinda Teo(Left) and Celine Tan(Right)

How do they found this?
That time was surfing around on facebook suddenly I saw BAB(BIGnBEAUTIFUL) facebook advertisement and decide to join in.

How do you find the whole thing?
Pretty much fun with all kind of joke during the rehearsal, meeting new friends but at the start we all are like gummy but it grow better through the rehearsal thanks to BAB(BIGnBEAUTIFUL)

Are you nervous about it?
Of cos, Yes! My worry is more on the wedding gown, because of the wedding gown was long and afraid to step on the grown and fall off.

What if you trip/fall?
If that happen, I would just have to pose on the floor and get up like there nothing happen and begin walk.

Any supporters?
Family Member and friends came down to support, 1 of my family member actually is the back stage helper. Husband totally support me in doing this and I told my dad last min about this and he was cool with it.

Any negative thinking before?
Dressing is a bit of issues due to the size that available but I am totally comfortable with my body size, I will still dress up to feel good. Stage of feel furious of fat joke, names and been tease secondary school day but I am able to out grow that. Now I learn how to dress up in the right dressing, observe what the most trending fashion and not only that, more and more plus size shop opening and more variety to choose from.

Clothes pricing issues?
Before even BAB(BIGnBEAUTIFUL) wasn't around, only a few branding that cater to plus size clothing and that can cost me nearly $100 just for 1 shirt.

What do you think of BAB(BIGnBEAUTIFUL) clothes?
Fashionable, not like those auntie clothing and they have colorful clothing and those who are black lover type in BAB(BIGnBEAUTIFUL) also have it in fashionable way!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anibee Ambassador Hunt!

Good news guys!

I am in the top 12 anibee's ambassador list! while I kind of surprise looking at the photos, because all of them look small and I am the only one who is on plus size!!! But never the fear, I need a vote from you!

And is easy for you to vote for me within a few click.
All you need to do is login to your facebook, I suppose you already log in because is hard for you to press log out!

This is the link to the photos, Don't laugh at my photo! I know it look funny, don't even know why...

And click on the "Like" and your done!

Thank you so much for voting me!

Event: BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment” Part 1

Hey Guys!
Remember I post a event about this?
BIGnBEAUTIFUL “Magical Empowerment”
Event Coverage Part 1
Event Coverage Part 2
Event Coverage Part 3

Now! Sit back and relax reading my blog while I lead you to the magical world~

First of all the location was a little mistake because all the while I thought that is at China Square but soon I found the place thanks to the lady who was also involve in the event too. She is the official videographer helper THANKS MAN! Without you, I can't went there in time!

Once you get out of the lift, with the attractive standing banners display you know you came to the right place! And There Is Where YOU Start To Have Fun!

Totally can't wait to enjoy the night with them so without further although, went to get my pass and guess what?
The friendly reception counter! And there the lady who brought me here. Look and how beautiful the goodies bag is, how I wish it was pink!! aww~

Look at how amazing the ticket is!! But before the show start, I need to spend the time wisely right?

Thanks to Swee Heng BakeryFerrarelle , Lavazza and lastly Honest Tea. Able to fill up my tummy and quench my thirst with the yummy foods and drinks!

Wondering how the cake look?
Super Pretty Cake In PINK! and is super nice to eat!

Going to explode around, Since this is my first time ever enter inside the V by Singapore Turf Club.

The Tv screen all around the place, video showing interview on each model girl. If I were to count how many screen were there, I would guess about more than 80 set?

Almost forget something!
How can you miss it this? Hanging at the top, super nice!

That is the place where model will be walking, opps one of the models caught in action! haha later on you will know who is she.

With the pretty decoration, how can I miss out cam whore?
Does the background and I matching?

Soon I know, I am in love with something~ What is it? Can you make a guess before scrolling down? If you don't care, just forget about this part...

Yes! The Honest Drinks! They were super nice to drinks and I notice there are some wording on top on it.

"Don't worry if your tasks are small and rewards are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you!"

My love to honest drinks just as much as I love my boyfriend hahaha hope he doesn't get jealous because of this ooh~

So going around taking photos!
 Valerie, She is one of the partner that power BAB!
Skye, Valerie, Erica and me! Erica is the creator of BAB!

Michelle , me and Joyce. 3 of us were the models last year which is BAB 2nd year fashion show.

Shall continue on the next post!

Monday, December 19, 2011

MRT fine $30! Ranting~

Take some time to watch this!

Does Mrt care if you faint? Answer is NO! They don't bloody care about it or they do is just follow law and law is made by human. Everyone understand that when we were in MRT we are not allow to consume anything, but as said from this lady to ease the motion sickness. Station Master, Yishun... Guess he better don't commit any crime outside, if not he his death.

So for those who have motion sickness feel free to vomit the place because we are not allow to consume anything inside our mouth, I guess even our vomit? So THROW IT OUT! Before you get fine $30!!

It may seem like after the breakdown cases, I don't think I have faith in taking train. And who to blame? What I know from the past was not much FT(Foreign talent) working or staying in Singapore but over the years that past more and more FT popping out, some even said "oh your PM said you guys need some population and we are paid for our expense" or "oh find work here is easy" or "oh I come here to find wife/husband, so that I will have better life"

Who doesn't agree with me? Soon you see FT working in the same line fighting with us for work. What they need is to understand simple English and when I been serve by them actually I am worried did she/he order the right stuff for me? Having faith in them? Not saying no faith or anything just that the way we talk do they even understand me? Sound like I am speaking alien talk to them.

What I know from the news, everyday after the train service off time. They will walk on the track to check is there anything wrong and what I thing is THAT IT! FT is in town, who will be doing the job? FT checking the track, are they up to standard? I don't think so...

Over years no one having problem with MRT and now they are enforcing the rule of not eating/drinking in the train. Taxi fare increase soon after MRT fare sure increase.

To be truth, I don't feel that Singapore is my home anymore...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: EOY(End Of Year) Cosplay Event

Hey guys!

Remember my last post about the event?

I got my ticket at pre-sale so is $15. I was totally looking forward to it but with the programme list out, I am kind of like wasted that $15 to go.

A Cosplay event without cosplay competition? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Why don't you just name it a subculture event rather then ridding on the name of EOY? Totally ruin my half day. (Morning is due to SMRT down) Unable me to get to the event fast instead I waste about 1 hour plus taking a LONG journey.

Be Glad That People Still Stay Through Out The Event!

Kind of like half ass job, event place was so cramp some more there nothing much with the booth around. Totally don't like the event, guess is a bad idea to do it at Republic Singapore Poly. No no place for it.
The entrance door have to walk 1 big round to get to enter the place what is this? and there is no sign of saying "Enter" or "Exit". There this lady kind of fed up, getting up from her seat and shut the door before anyone going to ask her anything about entry.

And also people are blocking the door way, no assistant to guide the way or anything. I notice there are a few door which connected near the door and some cosplayer thought is able to get through. I know there are people guarding the door but isn't good to put a sign for it? Instead of making everyone look like a fool? There what I don't like.

What are the stuff that I like?
I would said none attract me execpt for the AniBee for the Ambassador Hunt! I give it a try huh?
These are the important date:

17th Dec 2011: Registration @ EOY (Republic Poly)
19th Dec 2011: Posting of shortlisted* participants on facebook
19th – 2nd Jan 2012: Voting period, participant with the most number of Votes (likes) win
3rd Jan 2012: Announcement of Winner
Check out their facebook page on facebook to look out for more updates and news!

 That my friend, Emmelia Do check her out! She is a cosplayer too.

Friday, December 16, 2011

EOY(End Of Year) Cosplay Event

Date: Saturday, 17 December ’11 Time: 10 am – 7 pm Venue: The Republic Cultural Centre (Theatre), Republic Polytechnic, 9 Woodlands Ave 9
Theatre Seating Capacity: 1,049
Foyer: 2 Levels

Theme: Maid / Meido (Ladies, let’s do a group shot w Hitomi!)
* You can come in anything you fancy. Cosplay and meido is encouraged though.

Performing Artistes & Talents

MC: Louisa Ong
Hitomi (@home Maid Cafe - Team Junjo) / Balloon Wings / XSKA / Decadence / Square Table feat. Ume / Sangriento / NIJI / Tenshii / Rhythmx / Rika / Ruka / Hime Kuroshi-Usagi / Melissa / Usagi (Chang Wen) / Siti Azmah / Kaka Lee / Sode / Yukii / Kairei / Usagi (Anthea) / Eileen / Kazumi / Momo / Nakamatachi (Akemi, Nanaka) / Yumi / Sabbie / Akira / Jeanne Noel / DJ Rainyrhy / Tim Wong


Sakiru / ducksteppedonacat / Toku SRP / Collateral Damage Studios / Surface / STiLL / FightSaber / Comix Pandora / Dark Royalties / JUJO / Kiri and Kryz / ice*berry / Salty Tiramisu / Puppeteers (Joy, Beatrice) / AnimeLake / ScrapYard / Artist@Work / ZeroJigoku Artwork / Tigerlings (Goofy-Tiger, LingLiJing) / Wyrrd Rune Productions / Pandora's Scar / Comics IG / The Holy Sea Cucumber / Artmiucutie / teruteru / METRONOME / V-Frontier / CGS Digital Art Club
Admission / Ticketing

Pre-sale: $15 / Door: $17
* General admission to EOY event with non-guaranteed seating to stall and circle (lv 2) seats in non-VIP area.
* Complimentary 1 x soft drink for all ticket holders.
* Usage of baggage storage area.

VIP: $39 * VIP admission to EOY event with guaranteed seating in VIP front area.
* Usage of baggage storage area.
* Complimentary 1 x soft drink for all VIP holders.
* Complimentary 1 x buffet lunch reception at level 2 between 12 pm-3 pm.
* Guest appearance/interaction with Hitomi during VIP lunch reception.
* Limited to 190 VIP tickets only.

Where to buy?
Tickets now on sale at this places!

Gatecrash (Online)
All Singapore Post Offices
All SAM Machines
TicketCube (Orchard Road, Outside Wisma Atria)
Pan in the Box (Retail - 6 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central #02-51, (Clarke Quay MRT Exit E))
Dark Royalties (Retail - 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #03-06)

Event Highlights

Solo Stage Performances (Musical, Magic, Dance, Etc)
Band Performances
Lolita Fashion Runway
Anime, Manga & Cosplay Booths
EOY 13th Anniversary Birthday Celebration
GUEST ARTISTE: Hitomi from @home Maid Cafe (Akihabara, Tokyo)

For more information, check out our website at - www.theeoy.com

Candylicious + Singtel Dinner

Hey guys! It been long time I ever went out with my whole family!
So yesterday we did a little shopping before we headed to Singtel dinner.

This outlet located at Resort World Sentosa(RWS). Just by looking it from outside, It really make you feel like going in to take a look!

Sorry guys, no photography is allow inside the shop! So yeah! That totally sad, But there doesn't mean I can't take picture of the shop outside right?

How I wish to drive this car home woot~

This is how much we brought! Mostly is MINE!
Wondering how nice is their bag is?

Super nice pink bag right! I totally get 2 Super Nice Pink Canylicious Bag

Total Damage about $120+
WOW! LOVE IT BUY MORE AND MORE! It will be good if they have some kind of membership yeah?

After the shopping and it time to headed to Singtel Dinner!
Going to feel full my tummy with Singtel but before that, there a little thing to have fun with!

The Hand Printing Clay! It broke the World Record if I am not wrong. Haha! In the end we didn't manage to get the clay back because it was SO hard to find back.

After that there a photo taking for the ezlink card. Can't manage to take a picture, because my dad said put in the shop for display and memories haha. Quite truth! Every year our family photo will change so kind of like bonding for the whole family? I would said? Because everyone was so busy with their own stuff.

I know is an excuess but what to do, doing business is alway like this.

Picture of my mom, the chio bu and me!

Soon after it time for the dinner, ooh I am so hungry. After got to my seat and have my drink, suddenly a man came up to me and pass me a bear just because I am cute o.0


Didn't think much and quicky stuff it inside my bag and enjoy the rest of my dinner. Nice food but lucky draw part...We got calendar for that ah~ sad...

Before I know that I was called up the stage I totally feel like passing it to other people haha. Because my skirt was loose and it was SO bad timing to go up.
So I got to do cat walk some more! Oh no, Hope it stay there and won't drop off if not...ahh~

I know is kind of funny and look like I don't know what to do...Actually yes it is...Oh well but I have fun for that! And I won the "Best Dressed" haha

The Boss who ask the lady below to pass it to me! I was drinking plain water and he was asking huh drinking plain water! hehe
This lady ask another guy to hand the bear to me. Kind of like passing game huh, haha! Nice to meet these people! Her nae is Caulyn :) If I didn't spell it wrongly ooh.

That it for the night, with the calendar that we got it haha. Hope to get the first prize next time!!
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