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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Film Camera


This camera able you to take 4 picture at one press of the shutter

Totally look like chocolate box! It seem like is able to eat haha!

Don't worry about playing your camera, there 2 different type of language for you to write lol!

When I brought it, it say have a few film so Ta-Da not need to buy! You are able to take 34 or 36 depend on which film roll you buy and the exposure also different so look out for that!

Within 2 days I was trying my hard to finish 36 picture haha! And now I am sending it to process!!

My boyfriend testing out the circle flash but it doesn't work FAIL!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Dimples Hair Cream Bleach

I just brought it at Mustafa Mall, i been searching for the sally hansen but it seem doesn't let me find it which Xia Xue recommend it)

So let get started!

And I broke the opening of the powder =.=
So this is how it work same like sally hansen but this just only cost you $6.50 per box
This is how my eyebrow is

So I give a trim and shape to my style

After that follow the instruction, wash with soap and cold water (I didn't follow this cos I find it ma fan so I just use my make up remover)

First few min after putting haha, it will have the stinging feeling but is able to endure it.

You can see that the color of my eyebrow is changing the color yeah! And finally

Ta-Da!! Done!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shopping: Missy B Closet

Spending nearly $100 in Missy B Closet! I find it is totally a great deal!

The style of the fashion is some what similar my style and the pricing I find it quite okie compare to other plus size blog.

If is to compare to bugis street, which normally I shop around there. Is a different thing although bugis street carry lots of style and different pricing some even $5 or some even $10! The only problem is not much of my size.
Some how my size is kind of stuck in between L and XL so some of the L size I am able to squeeze myself into the clothes that I buy haha

But sometime I don't really care the size!

Okie back to Missy B Closet
She is a nice person once you enter the house she will ask "Want some drink?"
Wa! Totally is that kind of feeling going to other people house for Chinese New Year haha

The showroom is big and cozy totally is like a private appointment with you and her!

So I brought 2 clothes from her
One of them is the long top with a beautiful detail at the side which I love it so much! In fact that top you are able to wear it to the beach or down town.
Also you can make it like a long dress. Pictures sure post it up soon Kay~

That me! Doing a gothic look. I was laughing due to hot weather killing me ~.~

FM award: From 987fm

Wanna guess what is inside? I bet you can't guess it right :)

I won these contest a about a week ago if I am not wrong and I won it yeah!At that point of time I didn't know what kind of prize I won LOLz. Totally fail!

Until today when I went to collect then I know is the

So this is part of the award!

Yea! Nando's this will be my first time eating! Sound like small kid in the playground lol.

The 3 type of sauces you can choose lol..but all is like salty type T.T

I saw one of the staff was wearing the badge so hehe I also follow :)

Waiting for the meal of 6 people to arrive..

2 jug of water! Taste nice :)

And the main course arrive! The 8 big piece of chicken

Last but not least the dessert

Before the last dish arrive they clear all the plate away but before it got away

This is how clean we ate! Haha
Part 2 of the award: Burlesque!!

It includes:
-Hand phone furry strap
-Make up bag?

Hahaha that all

Curling/straighting hair

I am sure there are girls who are out there love to change their hair style like almost everyday? Like me! I don't really like to have the same hair style everyday some more I am the type lazy lazy de, got feeling to do it then I do it if not I just comb my hair or hair band it

This is the result of curling my hair

Note: my hair got 2 layer!
Next will be my straight hair

Not really straight hair rather is my natural hair type
Now my straight hair!!

Hahaha like go for rebounding right?
I think is too long for me and I cut my hair myself!!! Yes I cut it myself!

So my boyfriend played with my hair and it turn to be like this....

Like Xiao Mei Mei lol!!!!
A compare of me(self make over lol)

Shopping: HoneyColor

Hey guys!

This my first time ordering contact lens from HoneyColor. I find the pricing of the lens is slightly expensive. It took them quite awhile for them to confirm your order
25th Jan I got my stuff!

Cute box! Totally love it and there is even instruction

This is how it look inside the box ^.^

The color that I brought pink color! With kind of wine red hehe

And this is how you look like when you wear it, note that my pupil is hazel color

It totally make my eye look big!!!

Haha totally love it!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guy wearing short?

Question: How you find guys wearing short going out?

In my life I have a few guys who like to wear like girl girl but they still behave like a guy, at first I was disgust by it.
Is like totally no different from a gay lol!

I don't mind if the guy wear it nice in a blue moon due to hot weather, the thing is guy leg is alway not have pleasant to eye like having hairy leg? Or red spot everywhere?

Even we girl sometime having big scar on our leg that look freaking ugly, we might use all kind of things to cover up! Like using cosmetic stuff to cover up or just a long jean.

These are the cosmetic that I brought at cineleisure mall, basement 1, right infront of the Korean shop. They will be there till 23 of Jan so those who wan to buy check them out! Really really cheap!
Liquid make up =$7
lipstick = 2 for $10
2 in 1 eyeliner =$5
blusher =$7
hehe the boss even give me $2 discount!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News: Dr Huang case & Facebook

I read the whole article, it seem to me that the girl is trying to get a refund from the clinic.

Sue this guy? Come on la if you really wan to remove the scar and is upper thigh, you think the doctor got super power eye to see your scar look like and some more didn't even take your ugly face you already safe what more do you want bitch!

The consent form already stated needed photography to be taken and you sign it, still wan to say violated your piracy pui ah!

There must be some plan going on between the mother and the daughter! Even you went for those slimming center they even ask you to be naked, does that mean they also violated your piracy la like that you better don't do anything just cut your stupid scar yourself since you don't want the doctor to do it for you!

Now facebook! Another thing happen

Stupid facebook/blogshop making everyone hard to earn money online already had so many incident about XMM case now another one immature women!

Doing business if you are not honesty no matter how much effort you put in your business will never be success! And is truth!

Tell me how many blogshop out there actually making 1k per month! If you ask me back I would say about 10 (not online store is blogshop)

Online shopper buy from you mean they have faith in you an getting their stuff in no time and yet you cheat them saying all kind of rubbish, delay and what so ever story you can came up!

Screw this stupid blogshop owner!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Yes! A couple of week will be my birthday turning 19 this year yeah!!

It will be on the 1st of Feb haha even before that day arrive I already receive my present from my cosplay friend, Shiro Tan

Cute right the wrapper, don't see my thumb la I know it chipped T.T

A small cute note inside hehe

I donnoe what to do with it

YouTube Video


Last, there are more stock in my pushcart hahaha :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rite pizza!

Yesterday before I got out of my house preparing to go work I saw this brochure look attractive to my eye so I just pick it up and put inside my bag.
Once I reach my work place I straight order the pizza I want!
Yes! It took them 1hour to arrive :) they did told me the timing they will arrive.

And Wa-La! Although is cool due to the cool weather yesterday and outside of my work place was traffic jam!!!
I am so happy it taste better than pizza hut I like it so much an so today I order again!! Yeah!!

They have facebook and website check them out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chinese new year

Happy Chinese new year to all the people out there~
Just got my stuff to decorate my shop, is only a few item :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back from Malaysia

Ooh finally back to Singapore!

Brought new shoe

Is at Malaysia so called Chinatown haha..totally look alike lol..walk half way and have a taste of the food

Didn't take much picture and I brought a jacket haha

I was spending the whole time watching this drama and until now I still haven finish

Left about 4 ep to go haha
And of cos I bleach my hair again

Going out to work lol
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