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Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Food: ToastBox

Hey hey people!

Heard of the "ToastBox"? To me is some what a upgrade coffee shop haha that what I think la don't get offended >.<

So one day I decided to give it try at ToastBox for lunch and I order breakfast set! Haha I know is lunch but I love to eat bread with kaya and butter in it!!!

So I got an extra egg york inside one of my egg!!! Supper lucky!!

My boyfriend told me that if anyone got an egg with 2 egg york mean that going give birth to twin! Well I am not sure is it truth but double of the headache sound horrible having 2 devil running around the house making the whole house like a zoo is definitely FUN!! better than a cold and lonely house :)

Haha caught a picture of him


Many Many Many Dogs!

On Valentine’s Day, we didn’t receive a bouquet of 21 roses. Instead, we received a surprise of 21 dogs and 14 cats! A shocking discovery was made. A lady was found to have many animals in her HDB apartment. While it is not uncommon to have people owning more than one pet, this lady had 16 dogs and 14 cats living under one roof. “Many animals” is obviously an understatement.

This lady had called up a pet transport provider, Anderson, asking for help to send 5 puppies to the SPCA. Anderson thought about the negative consequences of leaving the dogs at the SPCA and told the lady that if the dogs were still young, there are hopes of them finding homes. Anderson then proceeded to ask the lady for details of the puppies. While the lady was trying to relay the dog’s descriptions to her, Anderson noticed that there seemed to be more than 5 dogs! She decided to ask Mel and Mun Ee, animal welfare volunteers to pay this lady a visit. To everyone’s surprise, they found out that this lady had a house full of dogs and cats! Mel immediately asked this lady how she had gotten herself into this situation and her miserable plight surfaced.

Lucky, 2 year old male JRT X Poodle  

Junior, 4 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian

Ping Pong, 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian

This lady, a Thai national in her forties, initially started out by taking care of her friend’s pets. Unfortunately, her friends never came back to claim their dogs. Over time, the number of dogs (and cats) in her household increased. The real problem lies here: Most of dogs were NOT STERILIZED. Out of the 14 dogs, only 3 were neutered. Animals should never be made to suffer because of irresponsible humans. Through their natural instincts, the animals started to breed endlessly. The lady, earning a measly sum of $900 a month, could barely afford food for the many animals in her home, let alone afford their sterilization. She tried to separate the males from the females when they were on heat, but her efforts were futile as “accidents” occurred, not just once but many times! With the amount of noise the animals made, a complaint was made to AVA, who then stepped in to investigate. When AVA found out about the numerous animals, they ordered the lady to have all the animals removed within two weeks. She was desperate for help and called Mdm Wong’s Shelter for help. Mdm Wong’s Shelter then asked her to contact Ray for permission to accept the dogs, but Ray was not contactable. In dire straits, the lady then decided to send the dogs to the SPCA. This was when Anderson, Mel and Zeus Communications stepped in to offer help.

Anderson and Mel immediately organized an adoption drive for the dogs and that’s when more dogs were discovered! They found another four 19-day puppies at the lady’s house. They were huddled in a corner, eyes barely open.

Prince, 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian
Princess, 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
During the adoption drive, a volunteer noticed that something was not right with a dog named Wang Wang. They then realized that Wang Wang was pregnant! True enough, with the next one week, she gave birth to two puppies. One puppy survived, the other didn’t as it got stuck during the birthing process.
Wang Wang, 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
The dogs are currently still at the lady’s house waiting to be adopted. Another adoption drive is being organized for the remaining dogs this weekend (Feb 26 & 27) Volunteers, together with Zeus, have started the sterilization process. To date, seven dogs have been sterilized and we intend to have all the dogs spayed.

Dogs for Adoption/Fostering:

1. PUI PUI: 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian
2. PING PONG: 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian
3. POM POM: 5 month old female Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
4. PEPPER: 5 month old female Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
5. MICKEY: 1 year old male JRT X Poodle (ADOPTED)
6. NAM TAAN: 1 year old male JRT X Poodle (ADOPTED)
7. LUCKY: 2 year old male JRT X Poodle
8. PRINCE: 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian
9. COCO: 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
10. JUNIOR: 4 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian
11. PRINCESS: 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
12. WANG WANG: 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian (NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION)
13. NONG BOON: female Mongrel
14. HONEY: 10 year old female Pomeranian (ADOPTED BY OWNER)
15. JACKFRUIT: 8 year old female Poodle (PENDING ADOPTION - Neighbour)
16. BONIA: Age Unknown, female Poodle X Pomeranian (PENDING ADOPTION - Neighbour)
17-20: 4 Puppies born on 31 Jan 2011 (NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION)
21: BAM BAM: 8 year old male

TOTAL: 21 dogs


Should you wish to adopt or foster any of the dogs above, please contact the following volunteers ;

Anderson – 9850 8827 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              9850 8827      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Mel – meltwn@hotmail.com

*Please note that there will be an adoption fee of $200 which will cover the cost of sterilization, microchipping and vaccination.

Thank you.

Written by Jo-Ann

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plus size process

Hey people!
I got drop out from the challenge due to I totally forget to post my process T.T but don't worry next time I will try again!!! Meanwhile if I lost my weight below then 90kg I will post it :) hehe gambatte everyone!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Food: Ice Cream Buffet

Once you heard this 3 word, it will make you go ohhhh!

So I went to try it since I have the voucher 1 for 1 ice cream buffet and not wasting it.

The timing I went is about 8.40pm and is quite crowded. So once we are seated we went for the buffet. The thing is all of it is sweet stuff. You must be thinking of cos la is ice cream buffet what!

What they have is not much things to eat or maybe I came and the later time so they keep already?

What they have is 2 roll of ice cream different flavor, mix and match your topping. Waffle, cream puff, fondue, marshmallow and bread. I think I name everything that they have there.

You must be wondering how much right? One person cost $19.90 w/o GST. with GST is $22.85.

I would rather spend the money over the 'Eat Sweet' that is at Bugis Junction second floor or can't remember the name well. Although that shop advertise sweet like cake, waffle but they so have food that balance your sweetness and of cos they have timing.

That how I feel about the ice cream buffet at swensens. We left about 30 min after eating.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bubble tea craze!!


This cup of milk tea with pearls, making lots of people crazy about them!

So I give it a try, spotted a outlet which got no queue. So quickly brought my drinks waited for about 5 min.

The plastic bag is nice and I was wondering how is the taste.


It doesn't suit my taste!!! I woul prefer Gong Cha and QQ essential. I know different bubble tea will give a different milk tea.

But for KOI to me the bubble not worth it. Even my house downstairs taste much better milk tea. Or I taste the milk tea somewhere in tampines place.

This is just my review on bubble tea, for those KOI fans. Not everyone love to drink.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Challenge: Week 2: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: 4 Weeks To A Better YOU!

Hey guys!
Happy Valentine Day!

Everyday I just keep looking at my round round tummy, trying to think how to get rid of it at the fast pace but nothing go into my mind so what I do is every time walk at the faster speed to interchange after that open my shop at the fast speed too.

End of the day while catching at the at a further bus stop. Tonight I shall give myself a weight see if there any different. Whole week trying to get away from fast food restaurant haha eat those kind of healthy like chicken noodle soup, more vegetable type :)

Damn it my machine spoil yesterday!! so i got it a new today :)
I am back to my weight XD
Weight: 90kg


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Green day!!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday went over to mustafa center AGAIN!! Haha

The mustafa membership card!!! Haha so gold color LOL is like a VIP card for it haha.

So I brought a green nail polish haha really really bored till got nothing to do at work so try something that is new and fun.

Till now I don't even see anyone with green color nail, the closer color to green I seen is kind of bluely green color haha.

And seriously bored till I destroyed my stuff at work haha

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese new year

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!
Collect lots of red packet? Haha

I spent my Chinese new year over at Malaysia. Yeah Malaysia again!

But this time round my mum is sick so got not much place to visit if not we will be going house s after houses collect money play blackjack haha! And by the way I won about 600RM yeah!! So happy even though is only RM convert to Singapore Dollar is about $280+ like that also counted as money haha!

The fire cracker!!! We spend 350RM on that hahah!!

YouTube Video

That the back yard of the house in Malaysia, my mum say boom behind so got more fortune come in so my dad boom behind haha!

YouTube Video

Not forgetting the small kids in our houses! They were so brave!!

This the cake is overdue by 4 day...strawberry....=.= never mind about the strawberry. Ta-Da!! My overdue birthday cake!!!

I am so loving this!! Gonna put it at my back haha but my mind don't allow me to do it!

Challenge: Week 1: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: 4 Weeks To A Better YOU!

Hey people! This week is at disadvantage to me. T.T the reason is because is Chinese New Year and plus together my birthday date! Ahhh totally is a hard time for me but thankfully I am getting sick so can't eat too much.

If I am not wrong my weight goes up not down! I must think of a way to move it down!! so what I do is my morning walk before go to work everyday about 15min from my house to the bus interchange and a cup of pearls milk tea(if not the whole day I will be very very sleepy serious!) I tested a few day.

So I gave myself a weight just ago (Just finish my dinner with my boyfriend), gain quite a few T.T got to do something about it
Weight In: 93KG

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy birthday to me

Today is a very very special day that even my mom forget about it. LOL
My present that I buy for myself

Tuna chili!!

White bread from sunshine

And lastly potato chips!!! Hahaha

My boyfriend brought me a cake! Notice something wrong with the picture? I know my leg is there haha

The candle is one short and one tall!!! Why?
Reason is because today is my 19th birthday not yet 20th haha so he said nvm can cut short abit haha

Hungry till my cake drop haha

End of the cake!! Haha

Happy birthday to me!
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