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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing with new flash


Recently just got my 2 new flash light :) normal camera flash light and a O-flash.
O-flash is kinda like Ring light if i am not wrong? well these are the photo of me setting it up photo unfoucs ooh
too high!
measure where is it

ai ya flash haven ready! so suddenly my brother shout" Jie FASTER COME OUT! GOT BEE!"

so I take photo of it hehe
and my brother go release it and I go back to adjest again!
Almost GET IT!!

Tada~~~ UnFoucs Me! and no makeup!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make up box

Let see what is inside my make up box!

Burlesque bag!! Hehe get it from 987fm

What I have is:
-eyelashes glue
-2 different color lipstick
-lip gloss
-contact lens case
-fake eyelashes

Lastly a picture of my kite (RANDOM)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Food: Cornery


Everytime I would just walk off even although the smell of the popcorn is nice and today! I give it a try!

Damn it I am so dark!!!!!
Nvm about that. The service is super nice!! They will let you try the flavor that you wanted to buy before hand and also they would recommend which are the hottest pick flavor LOVE IT so much!!

So I decided to buy 2 packet! Cameral and bubble gum flavor. Taste super nice is like a totally a whole new level for popcorn instead of having them in the cinema now!! You are able to bring it anywhere with a cute zip-lock bag!

Can't decided which to take?
Ask for help! And you sure get what you want!!

Ooohhh!!! Before I end this post a picture of me when I am young

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photoshoot: Vocaloid Miku

Hey People!
this time not much talking alright! Just Picture :)
Photographer: Deckbox

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Drink Tea Singapore

I am sure many of them have their own favorite bubble tea in town. This time I bring you the Drink Tea Singapore!!

The moment I saw this shop it make me wanna turn away by looking at the green color wallpaper I am not sure why.. Maybe is a wrong color to attract people to buy.

Next I brought a Milk Tea. It actually taste the same as my house downstairs bubble tea lol!!

But the unique about it is they have pearls in pink instead of the common color black or white.

It cost roughly about the same price as KOI and Gong Cha.

Same thing. They have facebook page check them out!

Lastly my picture!! Did a photohoot recently.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Bluefly

Hey people~
How you doing? :)

Let me today introduce you the Bluefly! before I start anything about it, just by hearing the word, "Bluefly" make me think of Blue bird flying to the sky~

Main Page of Bluefly
 I super love their main page especially the scrolling page where you are able to see their products, such as Designer Polo, Shoe, Bag, Sportwear and lastly for girls Dresses.

Girl's Night Out Category
 I love their 'Girl's Night Out section' and also they bring in different type of sizes from 0 all the way up to 14. Haha so I might be able to fit. they have dresses like 'Day dresses', 'Night Dresses', 'Little Black Dresses', 'Maxi dresses', 'Sweater & Cashmere' and lastly 'Evening Dresses'.

Lots of them must be thinking "hmm where should I get my evening dresses? hopefully no one less is wearing the same one as me on that day."

This place might be good for you.

Evening Dresses
 Those girls out out dont think that evening dress is only long dress! They have Long and Short dresses!! NEXT! thinking of what color to wear? Dont worry they also provide the search for you to choose your color and your favourite designer to choose too.

haha! hand itichy now? just wait awhile more!

Designer Handbags
How can you not take a Designer handbag while wear so nice dresses out? they have lots of lots of bag for you to choose! even sizes also they have from XS to M size handbag! and also the pricing search so that you wont be worry about your budget burst :)

Wish i have tons of money brought lots of items from them!
Now want to shop now? but before that they have a few pomotion going-on!
Such as "Sign up for Bluefly email alerts & save $10 off first order" you also able to find them on facebook and twitter too!

Lazy to find them on your iphone and ipad? they have a app for it :)

So now What Are You Waiting For?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Model Mayhem

Hey people!!
I finally get the approve from Model Mayhem where all the model from all over the world plus photographer and makeup artist.

Do check out my profile which I have linked beside my blog :)

Hope you guys like it if can comment on it :) like how I can improve myself

I know!! I am big size but that doesn't mean I can't take picture as pretty as those skinny people. To me everyone of them is pretty in their own way, if you doesn't like to dress up including make up mean you are ugly!

Lazy people only ended up ugly, I admit that I am lazy so I look like an auntie who is in 20s.

Ok enough man!! Here some story picture.

Haha -chit chatting with friends-

Huh!?!? -notice someone take my picture-

Ehh!!!?!!??! Don't take don't take!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shop: Haru Shop

Hey people~
Remember I told you was in cosplay?
And of cos I love the subculture of Japan!! My friend told me Japan have their type of fashion such as Lolita, visual-kei but...Singapore?
How many people actually wear qi-bao on Chinese new year? Even I don't wear it(can't find my size la)

Okie back to Haru...they sell lots of stuff that is brought from Japan for example sock, music band flyer(which actually people buy it, like me), cosplay stuff too and all sort of cute stuff you will find it there.

Below picture is a stuffing brought from there, it say only $5 inside worth min $15. I find it quite interesting so I brought one!

And Ta-Da

6 items inside the bag!!
Let see what is it:
- 2 Vocaloid Miku sticker picture
- 1 Chocolate eraser
- 1 Stitch notepad
- 1 round thing? Don't know hat that for
- 1 cute mask


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Traffic stats of my blog

Hello everyone!!

I seriously thank you you guys for visiting my blog. I have visited from Singapore, US, Malaysia, Hungary, Russia, Canada, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Georgia and Japan.

Hopefully you guys will continue enjoying reading my blog :)

Actually the fox tail is a birthday present for my boyfriend.

So I take and play haha bored at work.

So far none of my friend is hurt from Japan. Hopefully there nothing happen to your friends too...

Friday, March 11, 2011

News: Japan 2011

Right now I really feel sad for this who at japan. They are having earthquake at about 8.9 that the latest news I got it. Please hope the disaster will be end soon!! Real soon!!

If I am not wrong almost the whole world is thinking about their safety right now..
I have nothing much left to said just hope they are fine....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Contest: A Prize For My Blog Reader

Hello everyone! Meow~
Wanna win iPhone 3/GS cover?

Simply by follow my blog and and comment it below why you deserve to win it?

I am seriously! A award for my reader :)

You can choose between this 2 :)

Hehe have fun :)

Review: Liese Styling Water Spray

Meow~ everyone sorry for not updating!!

Okie let get it on!! So early in the morning postman arrived at my door passing me my article and the first thing in my mind is..
My clothes that I brought from Missy B Closet. Then I realize that there another item to collect so I wonder what that.

I actually tear the letter into half, cos I thought that there only bottle inside judging by the look of the letter. =.=|||

So it said that "styling water for hair dryer, heat protecting hair mist"
Sound good to my hair! But my hair is already super dry!! And I didn't even use hair dryer or straighten or curler just let it dry by itself.

I found something that is like 0.o
"shoulder length hair would requires about 10 pumps of hair mist" WA! like that very fast finish ooh!! Is like those people with super long hair I think, one whole bottle to spray LOL!

Maybe I will try it someday and see how is it.


Back after trying it!!

-please don't mind my face without make up-

I only tested out on one side and is very obvious that the side that is super proof hair is my original hair type, I know is super ultra dry but that happen when you bleach your hair and doesn't take care much T.T
Alright enough said, those who wanna find our more about their product here is their website

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Annoying people

I am sure not just me! This kind of people definitely can't live in this world!

YouTube Video

As if she is beauty queen of the world! People is starting to squeeze already yet she act like nothing.

~The big ass women~

Friday, March 4, 2011

My fashion style

Lots of girls would know where to buy their clothes. But for me I love lot of type such as long shirt match with tight or short pant.

And for now! Time to change for a new 2011 fashion clothes!! I know is abit too late but nothing is too late for me XD

So my boyfriend told me to head into the gyaru stuff and the first thing in my mind is Ganguro. Doesn't know what it is here a picture of me doing it

Close up to my face

Haha! Scared you?
So I did a research of gyaru it appear to have lots of it such as hime-gyaru, gyaru kei, style gyaru and a few more. As for my size is hard to find clothes already! But that doesn't stop me from doing it.

Will be heading to hime-gyaru and style gyaru at the same time!

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