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Friday, April 29, 2011

News: The Royal Wedding, Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Hey! Saw the news? Want to watch them on live? YES! Right now at this timing they are showing live at their youtube channel


and also feel free to subscribe my channel too :)


Congrat to the Royal Couple~ *bow*
Wondering when is my turn?

Review: Dove Hair Singapore



Remember I did said that my hair look like Grass? Here the link "My hair look like Grass"

Alright! So right now Dove Hair Singapore is giving out free sample!

How to get the FREE sample?

All you need to do is "Like" the Dove Hair Singapore page, Under the "Free Sample" Tab.
Enter your detail (Please Don't give Fake Detail!)
And after that wait to be arrive!

I will post up my review about it under here~


"Heals damage at the heart of hair"
Okie back to reviewing after using for twice.

First this is my first time ever use a Dove product! I totally fall in love with it!
Why? Because of the smell Super wonderful! and not only that the packaging is like a professional product which make you think it cost about $50+.

Alright! After using it I find it my hair(Real) quite smooth and have a nice smell not so dry totally moisture my hair! My (Extension) hair, although there not "water" inside, I can feel that is like alive again! smooth feel but still can feel the dryness.

Sorry guys! I totally forget to take a picture of my hair before and after. But I am sure you will love it as I do love Dove!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

XiaXue Birthday Coming!

XiaXue Birthday Coming! 28th April!
She is the Famous Singapore Blogger!
Here how she look like :)
Here her Website :)
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Xiaxue.sg
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/xiaxue
Blog: http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheXiaxue

Sunday, April 24, 2011

News: Now You Know April 22nd


Chocolate tycoon, Ferreror, dies from bike accident! GOSH! NOoooo~ My favourite chocolate since young. Hopefully someone who take over the company will run it as usual or MAKE IT BIG THAN EVER! YEAH!

Tornadoes hit multiple US towns! Recently just got the news on tsunami and now tornadoes what next? What is going go to the world? Really coming to an end? Being hit by the nature power is seriously sad thing that we are unable to do nothing but just to prepare for the worst of all.

New Zealander cuts and eats own finger! WHAT?!?! Is he trying out some kind of new food that able to create from human body. Maybe he read too much on the past news where human eat human type of news?

If without ClickNetWork.tv I won't be able to update myself with the world! If not I will be totally sound like living in the cave!

CheerS~ Got my new hair extenstion~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twiiter Fans

Recently I just started to go back to twitter! To~~ Twit!!

so I did follow a few blogger that I like, for example XiaXue, QiuQiu. Bad thing is they don't reply you!
They reply to their own company..LOL~

But anyway~ for those who are into Japanese culture this coming week Friday to Sunday, there is a event at Singapore Flyer. Event name is "Sakura Festival" check it out! I am sure will be Fun!
With the local band E'theReal and others Jrock band, not to miss out the Cosplay Competition and also the Big Eater Competition!

Here the link to the website:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My hair look grass

Due to bleaching of hair. My hair..is like a grass lack of water to drink T.T even though sometime I try to spray some moisture or hair cream still doesn't work..

And recently I also got heartache of combing my hair! Reason is because when ever I try to comb sure lots if the tangle hair fall not just few pieces is like a stack of hair fall from tangling hair!!!

Gosh! Sooner or later I will become bald!!!

Some one out there help me!! To solve this problem of mine!

Moving PushCart or Staying There

Everyone!! Remember I posted that I have my own business in Singapore (What kind of job suit you)

And these few week I been trying to get into a shopping mall or else I will be at Cinleisure for another past 6 month! Well not bad is not bad, the thing is~ You alway see the same person everytime you open your shop and sell.
I know what you thinking "They are your regular customer!"

Hell NO! They just came and play with every lighters that they can! GOSH! Please have some manner evern though you are not from here!

They are student from the Oversea Family School

Oversea! Not local kids!

I never had good impression of Ang Mo who are so playful!
Good thing is they came only on weekdays rather weekend you saw them and before I miss this out!
They actually play skateboard in the shopping mall!! WTF

Okie that it! Enough Said! also that not the main point! ahhh~

There a few shopping up I am signing up for, so if you do not know where am I.
Don't Worry! I have a business page on facebook.

Facebook search for "Citrus Chest"
If you like to be friend with us go ahead "Citrus Chest Friend"

And Never Ever leave out!
Ta Da~

See you on my upcoming posts~Sorry no picture.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News: Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia

Oh MY!!
This look so scary when the camera move it up so close up, you might not know if he really die or maybe will self explode or something.

"we found him over there"
"We found him around two hours ago"
"It must have been lying here for days"
From the youtube video

Nowdays more and more sight seening of alien coming to Earth. Maybe in the future they might even read your mind? Talk to us? or even Kill us?

It look really really bad for the alien to die, somehow like the family of this alien may wondering where he/she gone to? Nobody know he is dead? No backup or something else to check?

Lots of thing we cant explain BUT! the goverment may hide somethings that unable to reveal to the public.

You will never what is going to happen next, In You Life.

Montly Overview

let see how is blog doing :)

First let started out with the:
Page Views
Pageviews all time history = 1,098
Pageviews last month = 395
Pageviews yesterday = 34
Pageviews today = 22
Well, to me is quite alright already :) 22 views today. Thanks for those who read my blog.
Many Many Many Dogs! = 13 PageViews
Food: Cornery = 13 PageViews
Plus size process = 12 PageViews
Shopping: HoneyColor = 10 PageViews
Review: Bluefly = 8 PageViews
Rite pizza! = 8 PageViews (My favourite pizza)
Wa~ my reader must be very random, but I like it!
Search Keywords
able to take
able to take 34 or 36 depend
reviews of dimples hair cream
mizuki mei mei
i just keep
latest bubble tea craze 201
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What the hell is "pui pui poodle pomeranian singapore" ?
And lastly My Wonder Audience Place!
Singapore = 750
United States = 122
Malaysia = 78
United Kingdom = 23
Canada = 15
Australia = 14
Norway = 14
Saudi Arabia = 14
Russia = 11
Germany = 9
wow~ Seriously I love to have some people comment on my post :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Forever 21 VS NewLook

I am sure everyone heard about these 2 famous brand (to me)

I shall so a comparing between this 2.

Let start with forever 21!
Before I even step into the shop lots of girls been talking about them "Hey, let go forever21!"
Is such a attraction to lots of girls out there! So I decided to step in.

Is totally a WOW! Amazing decoration and setting place like a princess palace. Nice fashion clothes that they have but there a few thing that I don't like it. The shoe section is totally like a market! Shoe everywhere on the floor no assistance to pick up. Is like doesn't worth the price of the shoe. The cashier, giving you black face as if you own them a sum of money! Overall I will give 5/10 (to be truth I would rather shop at Bugis)

Now NewLook!
The moment I step in is like a normal shop but there one thing different from the rest. There will be a person standing at the entrance to greet you and that make me feel more like want to buy more. Lots of my friends told me that they bring in bigger size which mean plus size like me able to shop there!! Shoe section is neat the only thing is hard to find your sizes as the shelf is supper cramp. But not to worry the staff will be able to help, sometime they might be very busy with other fed up customer. Service wise is better than forever 21. The cashier will never show face to you and they are friendly! Overall I will give 9/10.

For those who are Forever 21 or NewLook fan please don't be so offended this is just how my views is.

Bento I made myself for lunch!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

News: Man arrested for attempted suicide at MRT station

Picture from Yahoo News
Seriously if you wanted to kill yourself please don't make things so different for other people!
Waste about 1,500 people time, plus the officer and staff that involve in this!

And also lots of complain to MRT about the fence up thing, so that there won't be this kind of things happen. I am sure lots of them remember before this fence up thing appear, lots of grannies would pay $1 plus after that take lift or escalator and after that before Super-Man to end their life.

Recently this Thai girl lost both legs, I don't know to pity her or feel sad for her, you lost your both legs and making you unable to move around as easy compare to last time. I feel that something is not right about the family, that just how I feel. Is like someone sending them something or a demon to kill one of the family member.

Well, I hope the girl won't be in the depressed state and able to live happily.

Seriously! MRT should faster up their time to finish build those thing!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Annoying people!

Okie firstly this guy was on the phone for so long! Never mind!

Talk so LOUD till the whole bus can hear him

YouTube Video

Plaza singapura (plaza sing) is a shopping mall that located at Dhoby Ghaut mrt.

Was talking to his friend I suppose is a lady, who was suppose to meet him there and that lady was late so doesn't want to come?
And this guy insist her coming to meet him and show him his so call "Lao po" which is still in plastic!! What the hell?? Camera say camera la..pathetic guy!
Or rather say is a desperate guy for a wife so use other kind of thing to replace.

Anyway so he told the friend to take cab down and he pay. And the friend doesn't seem want to meet him lol!!

Haiz talk on the phone softly the whole world doesn't want to know what you are talking on the phone


Waiting For Me?

I bet not!
haha HELLO!
You must be waiting for me to read a new update of me :) Thank you so much!
Recently was busy with lots of stuff!

So remember I did post a phot of me doing my own version of Miku? here a few more :)

and also I did a small photoshoot for my friend :)

See You Next Time On My Next Post~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: RepairPal


So now I am going to present you the RepairPal! Before you even step into the site is sound kind of like a penpal who can repair your heart?

Main page of RepairPal

When I step into the site~ wow bring me back to childhood where drawing and coloring so simple and nice.
There are 4 section for you to choose, "Get an Estimate", "Find A Shop", "Track Your Service" and newly added "Hear From Experts".

Get an Estimate

After you have choose your car model

 now the year of your car model, after that choose the service type you are looking for
Service for your car
Find A Shop

Just by sceleting and enter your zip code you will be able to find a quality shop or dealership. Maybe it doesn't exsist in my country, maybe in the future they might think about it.

Track Your Service

If i am not wrong it mean that, able to keep a record of your car. Kind of like health checking timing for car.

Hear From Experts

wow! lots of problem sloving that you can find!

so now you know who to look for when your lovely car is in a down mood :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food: Maggie Moo's

Moo~ I tried the ice cream before super taste nice is totally worth the price, is not like those normal shop that sell ice cream.

They even temper(not sure is it the correct word) the ice cream so that your ice cream would mix well with the topping that you choose. So today I brought the milkshake! Cost me $7.90 I know is a bit pricy but I am sure it worth it.

There are other more stuff that you are able to select.

The picture frame which that took

And also I found out one corner.

Haha lots of moo~~~
they are located at 313@ somerset basement 3.

Lastly a picture of me :)

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