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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I take care of my face!

Lots people keep asking what do I did to my face? Not so much pimple! No acne!

But NO! I do have pimple just that it doesn't pop out much! And I don't wash my face often. You must be thinking "don't you get oily skin or dirt clog up?"

YES! I do have oily face. When I do some research about it. Mostly when you wash your face, you face will turn super clean Yes is clean BUT to me is super clean and super dry! I try to moisture end up doesn't help so...

I did a search on youtube came out! Michelle phan and bubzbeauty. Theg both really great without them I am not sure my face will turn into what SHAPE!

So after I wash my face, I do a ice facial

I would say SHOIK! nice and cool skin not dry! Just nice for my skin.

Monday morning I would LOVE to do egg facial, super clean and nice moisture skin although there a little smell of egg my face but to compare having rotten face I rather have a smell on face which will do good to my face

Never use mask? I do! Lazy me buy $1 mask will do!

So I guess that all, do subscribe them in youtube and don't forget about my channel too!

Review: SGlady.com

Hey guys!So this post shall be the website that I shop a few week ago
I am so sorry for those who living outside of Singapore. You guys have to pay the shipping fee. For those who live in Singapore, normal postage is FREE! And yes you are able to choose registered mail if you want too.
A few things that I brought is..

Nose UP Clip Lifting Shaping Clipper

I don't like my nose! So big! Just want to be smaller and sharper! So I brought this item hopefully might help me shape it if not when I am 21 I will do NOSE JOB!

Big Eye Magic!

When it arrive I was quite disappoint because of the sticking paste thing, look like plaster. Hard to use damn should just buy 1 packet, total I brought is 3 packet ahh~

Wonder Double Eye Lid Clipper!
hmm..this item abit funny~ so I give it a try. Quite hard to put it on because you have to clip on to your eyelid which is hard for me as I already have double eyelid thought of having a higher eyelid but FAIL~

Next post shall be "How I take care of my face"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updated video!

Check out this video on YouTube:


I will upload more video at my channel "Thepunkybaby" so do Subscribe me!

Check out my grandma playing angry bird haha :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Singapore Plus Size Blog Overview

Is time for OverView of my blog again!

Page Views
Pageviews all time history = 1,098 -> 2,127
Pageviews last month = 395 -> 905
Pageviews yesterday = 34 -> 42
Pageviews today = 22 -> 14
Wa~ Really surprise me when there lots of viewer coming to my blog and view. Thank you guys for viewing my blog taking your time, do feel free to comment below :) seriously I need feedback!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video: Now That You Know 20 May 2011

Video Link.

Porn Collection at Osama's Compound
I feel nothing wrong about it? Which guy in the world doesn't have porn in their own collection? maybe his religious strongly said "No sexual stuff" but in nature of men, sure they have the temptation of it. hmm...

8 Year old pageant girl get botox
WHAT? So young think about that already. Already got nothing to said, maybe the mother doesn't want the child to have it so early plan.

Largest breast AND growing
Must be very very very heavy! Doesn't her back feel pain carrying so BIG breast I mean really big!

Dead body of maid found in HDB water tank
I am not sure my friend suay or what, just nice is his block, Ekks the water turn yellow in my whole mind was thinking will there be posion or what so ever. If I am not wrong about 20+ people went in to the hospital. A worker carry a maid up to the water tank? How did he manage to do it? But why water tank? Just like how Xiaxue said movie like "Dark Water" haha.

Seriously nowdays more and more weird case coming up.
Well, Hopefully the world where there a day there no news report about bad/sad thing, wonder when that will be.
Here a picture of me, Cheer Up World!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Cold Stone Ice Cream

Konichiwa Mina-San!
Genki desu ka

Alright! This post has been delay quite long sorry!

Yes! The Cold Stone Ice Cream which located at Orchard Central along the pathway. As you can see the display menu quite interesting.
Is the LCD monitor display if I am not wrong, the make it into animation so that whenever you look at the menu, it highlight the different type of ice cream and the picture of the ice cream. So I am in the queue.

"The fun starts here" this thing caught me eye! Haha not like those usual "please wait for 10 min" or " "The queue is here".
I am still thinking what to choose lots of them I wanted to try but too bad I only can have 1!

So finally my turn! And this guy start to dig the ice cream! Can't wait to have it! Waiting for my ice cream~

Big right!
Hehe packing it neatly so that he can move to the super cold stone!

How nice is he! Helping the newcomer what to put inside the ice cream!

So he start doing my ice cream again! Yeah~ oohhh

Woots! He did the stunt for me! Thank you thank you but sorry iPhone camera suck, shutter so slow!

Ta-da my ice cream is done!

When they are doing your ice cream you actually can see what type of ingredient they have

This the guy that serve me! Thank you so much!
If you are getting it the first time!
Do remember to download the "DBS indulge" app over at the apple store.
After that search for the coupon you want.
before you order show them the coupon on your phone after that then order. Ice cream is done payment time.
Show them your phone coupon and click redeem it.

My boyfriend go press it and he can't take the offer haha lucky I have iPhone.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Warning: For those into Tarrot/Oracle Card Reading

Just before I said anything these 2 card I would said either shock you or harm you.
I am into Oracle Card reading reason is because.........

Simple reading! Joking~ this type of thing shouldn't play around. How did I brought these card?
One day, I was walking inside this book store. Wondering which book can entertain me for awhile, some strength power pull me to this section "New Age". They have range of christian, fong shui and etc, when I look at the tarrot/oracle section.

WOW~ lots of card for you to choose so 1 deck caught my eyes due to the cover picture is nice hehehe and other deck is like asking me buy it. Both oracle card so I decided to buy the deck calling me and when home bless it.

It tell me lots of stuff that I wanted to know, how do people know the answer just by reading the card? Every deck have its own guidance. For example, you alway like dark side theresfore you sure buy card that related to dark side and that when the demon follow the card guide you along.

So last few week I notice there a flea market outside the building where my shop is. Having ths tarrot reading for you.

I find it quite alright but the moment I stay near there a demon behind it. The person who are using it doesn't know anything! How can you do a reading on Friday the 13th? Are you finding your own grave? maybe Jason said Singapore is too hot maybe next time then he visit Singapore. haha

So warning to those people who are just started out! you may not know which card you are holding!

If you are thinking do I have 3rd eye? answered is NO! but my boyfriend do have.
I wanted to have but he don't let me, I know its danger but still I want to find out more.

When we were at the beach, evening time, I saw a few girl standing inside the sea kind of like washing hair? so I asked him you saw that? he say SHHH! don't turn there.
So kapo me keep looking! and the thing like getting closer, my boyfriend suddenly say " let go they notice us we can see them, TELL YOU DONT LOOK AT THERE ALREADY KEEP LOOKING" I was like o.0.

after we left the bench move to a place with more lighted place (the seat we seat not much light only 1 lamp above us) these few guy don't know from where? playing around the bench making so much noise. I notice the sea shape shadowing changing and I saw things that I shouldn't see from there.

Both us walk quickly out of the place...back to the place where there lots of people. quite scarly at the same time you won't know what they are going to do with you.

Ex-Boyfriend: Humji(scarly cat)

everyone how you doing?

So few days back was walking with my boyfriend and we saw him. Was rushing to work so didnt say hi or anything.

While I was opening my shop together, took quite awhile to finish and my boyfriend saw him. In the end the girlfriend of his saw me too. Quickly pull me away~ phew I was playing with my iphone. If I saw I were be like huh what the point of pulling off? is not like I wan this humji back.. =.=ll

You guys must be wondering why I call him humji right? stay tune next part

So my boyfriend told me faster look at the girlfriend. so I quickly open my door..AND I WAS SHOOK!
His girlfriend look slimmer then me BUT I more pretty then her hahaha!!
so my boyfriend say she look like me..and I was like WHAT! my replacement =.=ll

my boyfriend told me maybe he can't forget me. Love have to be like this, When I am around you don't treasure me, go find other girl when we are in relationship in the end say sorry to me what so ever. When we break it took you FREAKING 3 days to say sorry and wanted to get back! WHAT?!?!

You think I am waiting for you or what? Since the day you go find other girl my love for you already die! I was playing with you all ALONG! HEAR ME!! ALL ALONG!

Dude. what present you give me on my birthday?? HP pouch? although nice to use you break your promise!! In my FUCKING whole life no one give me HP pouch on my birthday!

Noted: Worst I heard from my friend she got shiny pen from her boyfriend o.0
WHat is wrong with guys nowdays??

We still friend on facebook! so lately I posted on his wall saying this
"yo! your gf scared me ah?"

What he did was delete the post and delete me. =.=lll
see how humji he is? must be control by the girlfriend haha

Want to find out who is he?
Here you go

Facebook: Dempster Riksa Lee (Masaki Ryodo)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: SANA Cleaning Oil

Sorry for not updating my blog quite awhile. So here is another post!

Cleaning oil from SANA the packaging is nice small although is sample type, they seal it off part of the opening so that when we squeeze it out it won't be a mess all over the place.

So when I try it out I totally don't like the feeling of oily in my face because my face is already oily. Totally don't feel clean at all!!

So time to wash!
I take quite awhile washing it off because all my mind was thinking "oil must be very hard to clean"

The after effect!
Woots! Wonderful! Super nice and smooth feeling but still I feel is not clean. Totally love the after effect.

Next post will be the Ice-Cream!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Violent: News Report


Remember I posted on my blog saying these few girls bullying a girl in class? Violent: Please Spread this around and Violent: Update on that Video

Here an latest update about it.

They are all 13 years old, they all been expelled from school.
The girl that been bully did report to the class teacher-in-charge but the teacher did not do anything about it, even the classmate in the class do nothing and pretend never see.
She been bully lots of times (chewing gum on hair, been pour water, rubber band abuse)
The parent want her to be in special school but the teacher told the parent that she will be able to cope.

They deserve it!!

All the Best to this girl!

Concert: The Black Star Tour SIngapore

Hey guys!
Just back from the concert! Thank God! Before the concert start, we were finding our way to the seat! And was told by the usher that our seat had been moved to other place (from B37 to T03) and before we moved off I wanted to ask which seat so very quick she told me to find other usher. So we process to find other usher.

So the second usher told us that we are able to seat from row 18 all the way to 25. So we started to seat on row 19. About 10 min, this guy in black told us to move out all the way to row 28. In my mind what the fuck?! Row 28 where the hell do you want me to seat? On the pathway or your head? And soon he started to talk on the walkie talkie for awhile and ask us to seat on row 22 that doesn't make me feel nice.

If you guys are informed that the seat had been change why don't you write it down instead of ask other people? Screw up man!

So I decided to ask another usher! And she said yup you are able to seat ANYWHERE from row 19 to 25. So I ask am I able to moved from this seat? Soon she started to search for a pair of seat for me.


2nd part of the story.

After we move out from the seat eventually this couple thought we seat wrongly but actually they brought their ticket last min or they ask the wrong people. Their seat if I am not wrong been shifted down and they laugh at us for stupid not looking at the sign.

After that we seat nearer then them by 1 row. Laugh at yourself man!


And also this time around the concert seat is not FULL! making her don't feel like performing. I feel that when the moment she sing the 1st song looking around the crowd doesn't suit her, totally feel sad about it. The next and few more songs that she sing, I feel like she doesn't want to move about anymore since the seat not full no need to give full power to it.

The center seats whole block not so high as the front. Can you imagine where your concert center seat is not high? is like fail warming up the crowd? BUT the reason is because no one dare! Stupid girls in high-heel thought they can enjoy their time sitting down?

HELLO~~ This is concert! Not at home where you listening to your computer playing!?!

They having some interview there Woohoo~

Didnt take much picture due to I am lazy and also nothing else to take LOL!

Video shall said it all~

SHall update later!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Violent: Update on that Video


Remember I posted on my blog saying these few girls bullying a girl in class? Violent: Please Spread this around.

Here an update about it.


I came across this blog listed the whole situation. Who did this and the "friends" was inside, their facebook profile, blog and etc, all is in this blog.

The Principal or the teacher OR EVEN THE government should do something to these girls! If they were from Singapore! I bet within 3 days all get caught and send to Girl's Home or even still got canning!

This kind of behaviour SHOULD DISAPPEAR IN THE WORLD!

Once again I am sorry, this is Chinese languages is from Malaysia

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Singapore election is over!

Heard me! Election is over!

Last night I totally feel like watching football match oh. Reason is because in my heart is like racing and supporting the party that would be better for my side? Actually I am still underage to vote.

Might be a good or and a bad thing! Why? Good thing is because is still not yet my time to vote so I don't need to stress for now after all next 5 years I will be age about 24 or 25?

Bad thing is...I am not sure what going on in the future. Some said GST rising to 10% but what the point of rising it so high? Save it for the tight wave? But what I think is we have more then what we need well... Hopefully it will come in use when we need it.

And by the way do help me vote on facebook. I am in the fight of leading 1st and 2nd.

To help me by "like" this page
After that "like" this photo

Thank you so much feel free to add me as a friend in facebook ooh :)

Have a nice day~

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Violent: Please Spread This Around

Hi guys!

A few min ago, I saw my friend was posting this video on her facebook


I am sorry the video is in chinese lang and the detail about it. One of a school in malaysia and the detail of the girls who bully her. Please spread this around.

Seriously what wrong with their brain? study so hard all given back to their teacher? shame on you guys!

她们是SMK Raja Abdullah的学生

上传者是潮流宝呗 (Viki Yap)


pu ki ma你吖______
你去报什么lan jiao案哦________







Address : SMK Raja Abdullah Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur 52000. Wilayah persekutuan.
E-mail: admin@smkra.edu.my. Telephone: 03-62580937
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              03-62580937      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
SMK Raja Abdullah website :




Facebook Contest

I am joining a contest on facebook and I need YOUR HELP!

First you have to "like" this page, http://www.facebook.com/ElebeauAccessories

After that "like" this photo

And your Done!

Thanks for your help :)

Picture Time!

I know that I haven't been posting my picture BUT!
Dont worry i will post lots of my picture REAL SOON!

Here 2 picture for view :)
Feel free to comment anything below

Sorry >.< I am abit lazy to change my clothes so...that my~ shuuuu!!
Few more hours will be the election time! Was wondering which party will win hmm....

This time round is quite tense because..in my whole life I never know that other party other than PAP.
Maybe is because I did not read much news last time? and now mny boyfriend everyday brought the newspaper to work?

So I got bored and read the newspaper? haha DAMN! I should buy a netbook for myself so that I am able to bring it EVERYWHERE I go~ even the toilet!! haha

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introduction of Ah Girl Plus Size Blog

For those who are reading my blog and was wondering who am I, where do I come from, etc etc

I am just a girl not yet a women living in Singapore where I stay there for years and years. (that make me sound so old)

Picture of me can be found on your right hand side. (if you can't see I do not know what strong is with your eyes)

Why do I have this blog?
Actually I been jumping around from blogger to sugar to wordpress and back to blogger again. I still find blogger the best among the rest.

What my dream?
Hmm to earn 1 million before I turn 30. Hehe the faster the better, although right now I am having a pushcart in a shopping mall maybe a few year later you will be able to see my shop all over the world! (dream-on mode)

Am I attached or single?
I am attached by a string between this guy. Although sometimes we might fight till to *_>|£|£|%_<_ but that doesn't mean we don't love each other another, tell me which couple in the world never ever had a fight or complain each other. :)

Recently just done a nail art by myself (DIY) here is it

Nice right? Hehe maybe I should do a tutorial about how I do my nail.

Note: just nice that hair extension Is the same color as my hair!

Esther Li
Shop name: iconique
Hp: 9839 6506
Tel: 6735 3896
#03-51A Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213

Next! I will be doing my eyelashes extension over at "Hair 'N' Lashes Carnival"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Irresponsible Seller!

Hey guys!
I am sure you had heard the Avril Lavigne Concert, The Black Star Tour in Singapore.

So I found this guy online selling a pair of ticket for $120, and I contact him for $100.

He told me that the best price he can give is $110. So alright deal!

So on that day of collection! Something happen before the meeting time(1hour before)

Saying that "Hey I got an offer of 120 deal at my place tmr, but since you requested first, is it okay if you pay 120? I'll still go to summerset to meet you."

Is like totally what the fuck! Are you sure that I sooo need to get this ticket? Fuck off man!

So soon I contact another guy on site it offer $140 I give it a called it say give me $130 and deal is on!

Come on man! You think I so cheap-skate or what?!

For those who like to have his/her/gay/les fucking number
+65 9792 3698
+65 9362 9850

Thank you!

Update: new number added!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fans of Which band/singer?

Hey everyone~
Want to know who mine favourite?

Well actually I am not sure? Haha alright here is a list me of going concert~

Got it from my Mother~ and when I ask her "Where she got the ticket?" and she reply me this "oh, one of the big boss(supplier) pass it to her" and I was "oh okie" actually there another pair of ticket, if i am not wrong is "4min" the Korean band. But I am not a fan of korean soo...I throw away the ticket. Both ticket are the VIP seat :)

Sundown Festival~ My boyfriend brought it for me :) there are mixture of J-Rock and K-Pop and the crowd was not getting along due to the mixture of these 2. Wish the next time they will plan properly if not I am not sure will there be BigFight going on.

A surprise from my boyfriend~ although is sound like a kid. BUT! I totally love this (maybe is my mindset still like a kid) quite front seat~ bad thing is!! the kids around will be shouting all the time~

Guess no more for now :) will update if there more.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

A fantasy of dream

Hey people!
How you holiday? Remember today is Labour Day, for those who doesn't know what is this day for(like me), so my boyfriend said is a holiday for adult! Yeah! I mean working adult!

You must be thinking "but I didn't have to go school on the monday?" because your teacher/lecturer isssss WORKING ADULT! A day for them to rest for not vomiting blood on Monday haha

Okie back to the fantasy! For me, I like a guy who know how to cook and decorate the food make it more appealing to eat, play soft music, doesn't make me angry although I am angry will make me smile, I cry will make me happy and lastly faithful!

Haha guess this this kind of guy hard to find on earth or even not available in earth maybe some other planet might have it? We are not alone~

Share with me what type of yours is :)

Ta da a vampire version of me~ well this photo quite a few month back. See you next time~
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