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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Driving Licence Part 3

If you miss my long jorney getting my driving licence in Singapore, here the link back post:



Today I apply for my PDL( Provisional Driving Licences) which cost me $25 dollar and also I apply for my final test which is $6.

Can't wait for my first lesson to start which is this coming July 22th 2pm at Ubi DC and my final test which is fall on Aug 30 6.45pm.

Got to prepare for my final test with SingaporeTest.com
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Kitten Dance Channel

I know this is a child play game! But I love this game so much!

Here a few card I am selling before I posted it up which card to sell here the detail you need to know.

Location of the card: Singapore
Version: Volume 2 (if Volume 1 I will stated)
Pricing: Kitten card $6
Miracle card $5
Normal card $1.50
Rare card $16

Shall post the picture later
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Getting Rid Of My Nose Hole!

Dude! What you thinking?!?!

Remember I post about I have my nose hole => "3 Nose Holes" and "Nose Piercing Post Day 2"
So I decided to take out, reason is very simple.

No.1 Whenever my nose is itchy, I can't rub my nose!

No.2 When I was washing my face, I totally FORGET to take it out! and ZOOM is gone!

No.3 It make my nose too attractive to look! STUPID nose so big!

Lastly, It doesn't heal up the wound. Because I keep hurting it! Argh too annoying for me.

So these few days, I totally can't take any picture of myself! Due to the wound at my nose although I can mend it using photoshop. (I am too lazy to edit)

So too bad! Don't worry I am sure the photo coming up next will surprise you, I swear!
Just ago, was checking out my stats. I found something really interesting, Someone from Las Vegas, Nevada arrived from google.com searching "nose pierced cant yawn"

Answer is! You can yawn! The only thing is you can't sneeze or else your stud will become a dangerours weapon! I am just kidding that what my boyfriend alway said. Haha

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Singapore AKB48 Cafe

The first time I heard this name "AKB48", I thought some grandma or grandpa buying toto or 4D coding.

But actually is a group of singers from Japan.

So I settle my lunch over there, here a few picture to share with you guys!

Love the service! Love the layout of the cafe, I am not sure able to take picthure so I didn't take it scared later been chase out x.x

Picture of me waiting for my food to arrived! Haha actually the food been served is quite fast maybe is because not much people there when we having late lunch.

Shall visit again next time!
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Funny Video Ahead

Just for laugh!
This video is not mine! Just share with you guys, disstress for your day!

I am sorry that the video is in chinese, I will do a dub maybe sub too.

Enjoy the video!

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Bong qiuqiu birthday!

Hey! Today is Qiuqiu birthday! You mist be thinking who is she? Let me tell you...

She is a model and a blogger in Singapore! And also you are able to watch her video "Budget Barbie" at Clicknetwork.tv

Happy birthday to you~ x4
May your lovely wish come truth!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Plushie for SALE


People guess what?!?!

Recently I started to sell toys in my store! Don't worry is not 2nd hand! =.=|||

Lots of design to choose from! Ranging from SGD$3.90 to SGD$39.90 (for now)

Check them out! Email me if you want to check the pricing!


Don't worry I ship to everywhere in the world where posting are avilable to your place!

Payment will be paypal (outside Singapore), Cash, Bank transfer!

Collection will be at my store! Will email you the place! Oversea buyer of cos not asking you to come to my store haha!

My store not only sell these! Check out other item over at my facebook fan page.

All you need to do is login to your facebook account.

Next, search for "Citrus Chest" and like the page.

If you would like to become friend with us search for "Citrus Chest Friend" we will add you soon ;)

Have A Great Day Shopping With Me!

Location : 113 Somerset Rd,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting Driving Licence Part 2

Guess what?!

I pass my test! 49/50
Haha really need to thanks to www.singaporetests.com giving me the confidence to pass.

For those who still wondering how to study for your test, give them a try!

If you don't believe me you can try the trial test, but that is only for 10 question.

If you would like to try out more than 10 question, all you need to do is pay a fee. If I remember correctly is less than $15 and you are able to enjoy 90 days of unlimited test! 10,50,80 or 100 question for you to prepare for your test.

What are you waiting for?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Driving Licence Part 1

Driving Licence are able to take when age 18 and above. But for me, I totally forget about it!

Stupid schooling, project and whatever shit thing happen to my school life! To be truth, I rather go out with my primary school mate and secondary school mate then my ITE school mate. sigh, long story after all but that not the point of this post! BACK BACK

Basic Test coming! and I been prepare for it! Yes! Thanks to http://singaporetests.com/ giving me the confidence to ready for the upcoming test.

Why I choose them? Because I am not book worm, the moment I read the book 10 min I will be dozing off to my lala land! and also XiaXue able to do it! I am sure I also can do it! haha

Wait for my result to be out~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Event: 987fm BBB

The whole event was a private event by 987fm. My boyfriend was one of the winner which able to bring 3 more of the friends to come along.

At my shop waiting for my friend to.arrive so that I am able to go off.
Soon on my way to the event!

Haha I was bored and I took this picture for fun? Look like tourist taking picture all around!

Here we are! Enjoy the food although is already pre-cook. Oh well

The bad thing is! There is only free flow of SOL beer. I don't drink beer too bitter for me I prefer sweet taste :)

So the event I would said is quite okie not much fun around maybe is the timing of the party was wrong.
So before going off! Of cos is a must to take picture! Here the picture!

Don richman, I love his video on clicknetwork and the song he sing! Handsome! But too bad I got no chance lol

Shan wee, okie he is freaking tall! Agh

Mr Prata De Bomb, his funny haha

That all for the event! Surprise will be coming soon! Maybe next post!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tutorial: Super Dry Hair Solution

Recently I did a research on how to save my freaking dry hair due to bleaching so many time.

And all I have is my lion hair with me all the time

I think even lion hair/fur more healthy then mine ah!

So what I found is just 2 items that can be found in YOUR kitchen too!
All you need is HONEY! and OLIVE OIL!


I use about 3 tablespoon of olive oil after that 2 tablespoon of honey. (able to adjust according to your like)

BEWARE! use olive oil first then follow by honey. This is because honey tend to stick on the spoon alot so olive oil have a layer oil on the spoon so honey won't be able to stick.

So after that pop in to the oven for about 10 second to soften the honey.
Wait for it to cool down! And apply it from the tail of the hair where the MOST dryness part is.

If there left over don't be stupod throw away, for me I used it all over my hair :)

After finish applying, let it sit in for 30 min and you are able to shampoo off!

For me after shampoo off, I don't use condition or what hair mask. After drying my hair I totally in LOVE with it and share with you guys!

Feel free to comment below.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Ru Yi

Yes! Is a chinese open resturant. Newly open at Heeren place which is near Singapore Tourist Center.

Just nice got this coupon from the guy who is giving out and also just nice looking for food to eat!

Without thinking much we just went in and eat! Look nice and yummy and also CHEAP! if I remember correctly the pricing range is $6.90 to $8.90. And of cos there have value meal.

While waiting the foot to arrive, look at how he is playing with his new headphone! =.=|||

We thought that it will be long! BUT NOOO! Super fast maybe the time when we eat is not crowded?

The place where we seated nice view right!
Soon after I saw steven lim playing his ipad haha nice meeting him.

So for those who want to know what their opening hours time is...
24HOURS! YES you heard me!

Didn't bluff you right!

More info about them (English)

More info about them (Chinese)

What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My "tatoo"

Hey! Just did a "tatoo" over at the weekend flea market check it out!

Nice right! If I am able to get a real tatoo, I am going do it! Of cos is not at my arm. Most properly at the lower back.

The result of waiting for it to dry and plucking it off.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 2 of Nose Piercing

Hey! Today is...Day 2 of nosr hole!

Firstly, last night I was so scared that the stud will gone missing or whatever so I sleep on one side through out the night! Don't even dare to move much.

Secondly, my mum know I got a nose stud and she keep pressing haha hell pain man!

Lastly I can't yawn! The moment I yawn, the stud soon to pop out ooh

So here the picture of the stud

And soon I change the stud my boyfriend make it gone! Ahhh! The birth of my nose hole.....

And this is what I change to. Nice right!

Photoshoot: Candyland Theme

Want know something?

I did a shoot with HushLush Hair & Makeup.

Who is she? Check it out the website!

You can see lots of work done by her! Feel free to contact her through the email or the facebook. I am sure you will love to work with her.

Here the photo I had done with her.

Client: Kristy
Theme: Candyland
Hairstyling & Makeup: Kamini
Photographer: Fee

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 Nose Holes

Hey! Guess what?

Today finally I got my nose piercing!

Nice right! Haha like mother like daughter.

before I start to do, there is another person infront of me getting the ear pierce so I was abit scared and nervous.

So finally my turn! Was scared and the lady told me to clam down...soon!

Piang! Wa! My heart suddenly unload a 10 thousand stone! And she told me "wa so brave never move" and I reply "if I move later not nice haha" soon tear start to come out abit.

WAIT! I am not crying okie! Is natural drop.

After about 5 min, the pain start to came in and I put ice over it. After all quite nice.

And ta-da I have 3 nose holes!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Changing phone

How your day? Must be great right, if not you won't have the mood to read my blog. Haha

So recently I changed my phone from Iphone to Galaxy S. The reason I changed was simple, I am able to use flash player on Galaxy S rather then Iphone.

Iphone maybe is the coolest phone ever made? Making most of the people been blind by the Apple logo? But me, I would say yes is the I'm coolest phone ever made where you able download apps at anytime with the coolest touch screen.

Galaxy S. Screen bigger than Iphone. Able to download great app like Iphone. The only problem that everyone is complaining about is the laggy phone. Laggy phone totally make the whole phone uncool!seriously. Camera function better than iphone. Here a photo I taken from the front screen using photowonder which can be downloaded at market

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