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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday FATHER!

How many of you out there, actually remember your family member birthday?

I would said 2 out of 10. So today is my father birthday! And I brought him a T-shirt. Because everytime I saw him wearing the same design checker shirt so I decide to buy this for him!

Is from World of Sport! Actual price is $39.90 now drop to $25! :p

How does my father look like?

Haha the 50cm big angry bird and his head haha :)
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Singapore Plus Size Blog Overview July 2011

Hey~Is time for OverView of my blog again!
Wow! Before you continue reading on, I would love to thank you for your support! Thanks for reading my blog. Thank you guys!
Page Views
Pageviews all time history = 2,127 -> 6,996
Pageviews last month = 905 ->3,318
Pageviews yesterday = 42 -> 134
Pageviews today = 14 -> 91
For this month I already got Pageviews: 3,235. Really thank you you guys for your support and also if there anything you like to contact me, feel free to do so.

Email: mizuki.krelene@gmail.com
Twitter: Ahgirlplussize

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shop: 'Cut The Rope' monster and Smurf

Looking for these soft toys? And who are they?

Yes that the monster I am talking about who love to eat the candy!
So here the doll picture.
Each for $5.90 about 3"inch size

I guess everyone know who is smurf right?

The new movie is coming! So here I am selling the doll, about the same size as 'cut the rope' monster.

Same price $5.90

Those who like to order please email me @

For wholesale I do supply :)
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspire by what?

Hmm..People might be thinking what the point of blogging? Well, nowadays lots of people is searching online for resources. For example, review of this and this product, what the result of using the product, is it safe to use? or what happen to your friends, any exciting in their lifestyle.

Last time when we were young, we use to write it down on a book which allow us to decorate our dairy, With the technology today, we have computer which allow us to upload online and share it with people all over the world.

And how I started it out? Is beacuse I have to share my life and everything about me to the whole wide world! Please vote for me, all you need to do is put in your contact number and NRIC. http://apps.facebook.com/dellyouth/blog_profile.aspx?id=241000dd-1874-4aca-995e-698991777473

Review: Facelift Gym for Men and Women

Dark circles under the eyes and Bags under the eyes? Now is not only for women! Men do have too!

Facelift Gym: Eliminating the bags under your eyes effectively without creams or an operation!

And it's 100% Guaranteed to work,
or your money back!

facelift gym for men and women
The result of using the product.

facelift gym for men and womenfacelift gym for men and women
This is how the product work on the eye bags.
The vibration pads send electrical impulses directly to the muscles under the eyes. The bags and or dark circles under your eyes can be eliminated through better circulation and muscle stimulations.

Facelift Gym for Women: Eliminates the Bags under your eyes for Just $49.90

Facelift Gym For Men: Eliminating The Bags
Under Your Eyes for Just $59.90

For more info, Visit their website:

Review: The Celebrity Dog Whisperer

The Celebrity Dog Whisperer? What that?
Having trouble with your dog? or just simply doesn't know what to do if they has unwanted behaviour be it dominant or unstable behaviour, nervous aggression, biting, constant barking or even ripping your home apart while your away?

Don't worry! Because you have came to the rights place!

Dawn Welsh is the Celebrity Dog Whisperer, she treats behaviour issues in much the same way as Cesar Milan does!

Check out their website for more info about them:

For those who like to donate to them, feel free to do it at the website, on the right hand side of the website.

Contact the The Celebrity Dog Whisperer here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News: Chinese Undergrad Sacked For Video Parody Of S'poreans

This is totally unacceptable!
What had been done is already done, unable to remove the damage!

About the apology post, what the point of saying this is for solely entertainment and comic relief. I bet no one is laughing at YOUR entertainment.

Finding something to release your stress? Dude! Wrong place!

"Please forgive me. I'm just too small a person. I really love Singapore or I wouldn't have stayed here for so long"
What?!? If you love Singapore you won't do all these kind of video! HELLO?!? Any brain in your head? Guess no point sending you to study and what the point of staying here so long, to prove your love toward Singapore? Bullshit!
I guess better go back to where you come from!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Smoothdocs

Wondering what that?
Check out the website:
SmoothDocs Document Assembly

The easist document assembly tools for small business!

What the benefit for using this tools?

Save time?
Creating documents from scratch is time consuming. Speed up the process by using SmoothDocs document templates.

Avoid Mistake?
Cut down on errors while improving the consistency of your documents.

Simple To Use?
Document creation is a quick and easy process with a SmoothDocs template. Customize your own templates to suit any occasion.

Free Support!
E-mail support is responsive and free. User manuals and solutions to common problems are also available online at no cost.

No Risk!
SmoothDocs Free Edition is available at no cost. Try the software for as long as you like before deciding to purchase.

Designed for Small Business
imageMost document assembly programs are complex and designed for large firms. SmoothDocs is affordable and easy to use.

What more to ask? Try it now!
SmoothDocs Document Assembly

Review: Dana & Maya Rubber Stamp 

Dana & Maya Rubber stamp
If you want to create an Ex Libris (bookplate), mark your envelopes or stationery, you arrived at the right place !!
The Dana & Maya rubber stamp set is a lovely custom set made for you.
This is a personal & exciting gift that will no doubt leave a mark !

Dana & Maya Rubber stamp

Take a look at their website:
Dana & Maya

They have lots of template for you to choose to customise your own favourite stamp from them!
After choosing the template, don't likr.the font? Don't worry! You also able to customise!

Dana & Maya Rubber stamp
Time for payment? They accept payment through paypal, visa, mastercard and American Express!

Visit them now!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Unif Belgium Chocolate Milk

Hey! Check out this drink!!!

Cute right? when I was thinking buying soft drink, this caught my eyes!
Look at it doesn't it look like asking you to buy it?

So before you take a taste of it, remember to shake it well before drink it.

Haven't drink finish? Waiting for bus?
Check this cute and short comic strip! But is best to have the english word too.

Wondering why doesn't have english? Because it came from taiwan!
This drink ingredient: tea leaves extract, milk powder, sugar, flavor, cocoa powder, chocolate, emulsifier, water

Where do I get it? 7-eleven, cineleisure orchard!

Taste? Hmm like chocolate milk, it will be nice if is super cold!

Enjoy your drink!
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Maybelline Hypercouture Fashion Show

What inside the bag?

Ticket for the fashion show! Looking forward to it!
For those who doesn't know where to get more detail. Here their facebook page:
Be sure to like them to get more update!

Next will be the Fruit Jelly at first, my boyfriend and I though is really fruit jelly that edible. Too bad is lip gloss haha

The eyeliner!
100% smudge-proof, water-proof, easy removal, STAIN-FREE!
oh my! Stain-free! Look at how thin the brush is!

So I did a test!

Cute? Haha so I give it a rub and guess what is still there! Amazing ah!

What you waiting for get it now at only $19.90
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UV Gel Nail

I really got bored and found something that able to keep me occupy for few hours.

This my first time do it on my nail. Please! Remember first time? Yeah? So it won't 10/10 perfect alright.

It was great doing it but the waiting time....ahh making me annoying because it took me about 4 hours to complete the whole process.

There a few thing u must remember NEVER look directly to the UV light. It causes your eye sight turn bad!
Don't say I don't warn you!

Maybe I shall provide nail extension? $20 haha no nail art, one nail polish? At my shop, since doesn't need so much space.haha I shall look into that.

So the end result! You like it? No? Too bad because I like it! Haha maybe mext time when I master it I shall post tutorial! And so on so for the nail art design yeah!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walking like a penguin?

People miss me? If you don't I guess you just passby here and take a look at my blog? Yeah?

Nowadays I notice quite alot of people walking like a penguin. Doesn't know what I am talking about? Don't worry let me explain to you.

Notice penguin doesn't close their leg while walking. They kind of open their leg where the bottom of their body have a gap between the leg. Know what I mean.

My logic is that. When we were young we have to wear diaper because when we have a natural call we still can't talk properly when we needed to go to the bathroom. All we do is just cry giving a signal or even poop.

At a certain age, we kind of know how to walk and that the point where some people is still wearing diaper walking around causing them walk like a penguin.

When growing up never change the habit it began to grow a nature in them.
Walking with a wider V shape feet.

And I am serious! Totally damn ugly walking like a penguin!
So girls and guys! Learn the proper way of walking.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Afternoon snack!

My grandma yesterday before I went out my little 2 cousin, she cooked crab for us!

Ta da! Look yummy right! Total 4 crab. One for my aunt, one for my grandma, one for my brother and one for me!
So I grab 1 and eat!

The leg was stuck to the cooking pot hahaha legless crab!

Haha look alive oohh! My cousin really though is still alive!

There was a part that can't be eaten.

This the part! Crab lung? I don't know...
But look funny to me.
It look like some kind of mini file in the crab body to sort out all the food hahah
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Warning! Dangerous Uphead!

Today I am going to share with you guys about the Ipad.

Everyone know what a Ipad for, unless you live under the cave! Haha
okie, recently my aunt kids broke the Ipad glass. Here the picture:

Not clear enough?

For those have a the same case like this, don't worry! Because it can fix!

The cost of the Ipad glass is about $100SGD so if you send for repair should be cost around $200 to $300. If you really want to send to Apple Store to repair, go ahead. I believe that it charge all the way up $600 and it take them VERY long to fix it.

How would I know? Because my macbook who survive with me more then 4 years and it suddenly died on me. I asked them for repair they quote me 1.2k! And I need to wait about 3 week to get it fix!

Ah! What I do about it is send to other shop to repair! Which cost me $200!

So up to you to choose.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: jasminedirectory.com

Business Listing , Business Web Directory. Jasminedirectory.com is a Business Web Directory, where people can list their websites to be reviewed by editors.
Web directory review
Business Web Directory might sound familar to you but this benefits and the offer is different from other!
Check it out!
What they offer:

Much has been made lately about the usefulness of submitting to web directories. This mechanism helps to get you the widest possible number of visitors and thus expand your name and brand. There are two ways to use web directories. The first of course is to submit your site to them for broadcast. The other is to search through web directories for sites that fit your needs.

PRECISE RESEARCHGiven today's lifestyles, finding time to locate appropriate information can be time consuming. At Jasminedirectory.com, the legwork has already been done for you - each link is thoroughly researched and must adhere to a strict and demanding criteria of information fluency and currency.
EXPERIENCED EDITORSTo insure that you have dependable access to the most current and reliable information, each category is developed, organized, reviewed, and carefully maintained by individuals with research expertise in their respective fields.

jasminedirectory.com also benefit these:

-100% SEO friendly
-W3 css and HTML valid
-Automatic thumbnail
-5 deep URLs

What are these? Does it sound alien work to you? Don't worry, is coming up next!

All links are direct. All categories & subcategories contain a detailed relevant description and an appealing image, in order to avoid to become just another business web directory.

UP TO 5 EXTRA LINKSYou can submit extra 5 deep links which can be some of the most accessed pages of your website.

DETAILS LIKE NEVER BEFOREAmong with your website's title, description and URL you may submit (optional) your company's address, phone and even a relevant to your niche article.

AUTOMATIC THUMBSOur web directory instantly collects two thumbshots of your website to visually enhance your listing.

RESULTSSubmitting your website to our business web directory can still be a powerful way of getting hits - leaving you the work of continuing to update and maintain your website with fresh information to keep your newly acquired readers hooked while new ones keep rolling in!

Web directory review


Ask me anything http://formspring.me/Ahgirlplussize

Monday, July 18, 2011

Warning! Looking for sponsorship!

I seriously need help! No matter how I try these things just won't go away.

Is like stuck with me forever and ever.ahhh!

Problem is here! I have weight loss stretch mark! Gosh! Is like a virus spreading all over my body!
Firstly, I got it on my leg that okie and soon I got it on my tummy and is spreading big! I wish to post picture of my tummy but viewer might scared away~ if u insist of lookong at my tummy stretch mark I don't mind send you the photo.
Lastly! My arm got it!!!!

Not only that side of my breast got it too!
Please somebody help this poor lady over here!
Would be gald if somebody able to help me!
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Review: Holika Holika Hot Body Massage Gel

There another bottle which look the same, but that bottle is for firming so do read carefully before you take the wrong bottle!

Before I even take out the seal, It smell like the ice-cream ooohh making me to give it a taste but nah! Later before I can even post up another post I might end up in the hospital updating haha.

This how the gel look like ooh...This my first time ever saw a transparent gel. Let see how the result!


Before I put the gel, I give it a measure to myself it measure. 170.5cm and I lose to 170cm !!! (*that my huge tummy*)

Review: Holika Holika Plumping V Line Mask

Yes! Just ago went to the shop again! Yes Holika Holika!

This mask was introducing by the sale girl, saying it will reduce double chin. Wa! Without any second, I just took it! haha not only brought this so hold on! I totally couldn't have the heart to tear this, why? Look! So beautiful! But oh well T.T

This is how it look like. erm.... okie you know it look like what right? shuuu!!! haha
ooohhhh!!! Sticky!! haha Remember before put it on you have to peel it off the sheet if not how you going to put it on? right?
Guess this is how you put it on and I contiune facebook-ing


I feel firmmer and smaller woots! Although all these year I am not so care about my double chin (I don't know why)
If you don't believe me try it out! Each mask cost $5 and now they are having sale so which mean is $4! get it now before the sale end!

If you haven't read my review on the Holika Holika Egg Soap, what are you waiting for?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Unif Green Tea Drink

Green Tea Lover!
This drink contain low sugar level!
And also the jasmine taste not so strong as the normal drink.

If you ask me which drink I perfer?
Clear answer! This!

Picture taken by piggyaiai
Check out his blog!
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