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Monday, October 31, 2011

Amazing Lifestyle: DIY De-Stressing Workshop

An Update on the Amazing Lifestyle Programme.
The pas few post I been posted it up on my blog:
- Amazing Lifestyle: Fitness Workshop
- Photo shoot: Amazing Lifestyle
- Amazing Face Book Friendship Award 2011

So this time round is a De-Stress workshop, I know lots of people might know "yeah yeah, we know we need to De-Stress" but do you know how do it? Some people might be eat to De-Stress, listening to music, shout to the sea and etc.
But this time I am been introduce to the essential oils thing which is by Aroyalty Image.
Check them out in this website for more info about them.

Once I reach that place, I was greeted by this beautiful lady just outside the lift. haha and I was thinking how come she know that is us coming up haha. "SPOOKY"

So all of us were taking this small "lift" up. It took quite long to get up and we were like thinking maybe too heavy that why, haha.

WOW! 500Kg and 3 of us inside the lift it said overload hmm...

This is how the "lift" look like totally automatic opening and closing door, don't even know why there a handle for it. hmm

so yeah that is how interesting the "lift" is, so next the place we going!

 Just by follow this Ipic-Navigate and we will reach the place!

 Ta-Da! Look at how beautiful the design is WOW!

Look at how elegant the place is! Wish to have a living room like this!!

 The room that we will be seating for the workshop

And a small gift from them :)

To them, this is their home first kit box.

So here we start!!

10 jobs that can lead to depression are:
- Nursing Home & Childcare
- F&B Service
- Ground & Maintenance
- Teachers
- Bankers & Accountants
- Healthcare
- Retail Sales
- Administrative & Support
- Artists & Performers
- Social Workers

I feel that all these are kind of relate to all type of job we are getting now and I wouldn't say there is none of the job that can't lead to depression!
At all age do have stress but it depend on which you will get!

Office Workers
- Nervous System
- Reproductive System
- Urinary System
- Endocrine System

- Musculoskeletal System
- Circulatory System
- Muscular System

- Digestive System
- Respiratory System
- Immune System

So let have a test!

After you got the drops all inside the bottle, hold on with both hands for 20 seconds and said your name. Open up and give it a smell! Which smell is stronger or no smell also counted.

Is it truth? What I smell is GrapeFruit!

WOW! That is how powerful the essential oil is!

Facelift, Only done on the left-side of the face. You shall be the judge to see the different.

Whitening mask? I didn't take before and after because was too busy looking at the facelift progress.

So after the workshop, I went to get more detail about what I need. So I have to closed eye and pick 3 bottle from these all!

WHAT! Peppermint, Ginger and Rosemary.
I totally hate these smell because my nose doesn't like them at all!

And it explain to me these 3 oils what they can help me to boost up my my needs, what it been told to me it was truth! But now I totally forget about what she said...hmmm oh well~

Bedok Bus Interchange

Bedok Bus Interchange (Chinese: 勿洛巴士转换站) is a bus station serving Bedok New Town in Singapore. The bus interchange was completed in the 1980s, and is centrally located, just north of the Bedok MRT Station.
The interchange, with the allocated block number of 207A, is located near a food center and a community library, among other amenities. It features six saw-tooth berths on one side, each of which serve three bus services (with the exception of Berth B2, which serves four berths because of Parks 401). There are thirty-three end-on berths in the other section. The interchange is operated by SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation. This is the second largest bus interchange in Singapore in terms of bus services, but now shares its position with the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange of 29 bus services.
(Taken from Wikipedia)

So this is a detail about Bedok Bus Interchange. If you still doesn't know what is going on about, That is Bedok Bus Interchange is going to renovate! Going to be something like Ang Mo Kio E-Hub? that is what I heard from the people that walk by me?

What I feel is...sad and at the same time happy.

Kind of mix feeling, even do is just a Bus Interchange but it holds lots of memories in there. Queuing up waiting for bus, chasing the bus, chat with the friendly bus driver, top-up card, helping elderly and the boo-boo with my friends.

So here the photos that I taken on one of the days on my way to work.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Casio Baby-G Watch

Sometimes Cute, Sometimes Cool, There is a Casio Baby-G for every blogger who is proud to have a style of his/her own.

Without dressing up, I totally feel like I am just an old aunty walking around buying SALES items! or even super market aunty~! Dressing up is totally part of my life, even just putting on clothes, accessory, make up or etc etc.

I have been wondering so long to get a perfect watch for myself! But totally can't match up with my style. I know lots of people might not know what the good thing to have a watch, what if your phone run out of battery and you are rushing home without knowing the time? Smartphone now a days tend to drain the battery very fast and we need to spend more money on a portable battery so that smartphone able to last for a whole day even if you are playing games or listening to music.

 Watches that commonly found are plain black, plain design EKKS! But with Casio Baby-G totally a different thing! Look at how wonderful and design and the color!

Top 3 of my choices will be A, B, C!

Why I choose these?
Firstly, I perfect getting a round watch than a square type because I find it that round represent funky and outgoing while the other type look smart and elegant type.

Secondly, the font for the number super crazy!

Lastly, the color matching! Totally a 100% watch that I would love to have it!

How about guys?
I notice lots of guys keep looking at the times hopefully there are not late or something?
Is it a good thing that Casio Baby-G can save you without you looking retard with boring watch again?

I don't think guys would go for a pink color watch?
Still doesn't know what to get? How about GET ALL OF THEM IN YOUR HAND!
Check out their facebook for more update!


BlogEvnt: Movie Preview FootLoose

Do you know in the 1984 that the first film of "FootLoose"?
"A city boy comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned."

Simple as that, for the film that is 2011. I find it kind of gathering everything and try to lump everything together? Not saying is bad but including lots of stuff like the car incident, bans all dancing and rock music and mother's painful death from Leukemia.

And there 1 more thing I am not so comfortable about is the boyfriend (Chuck Cranston), I am a bit confused of the character. Boyfriend of Ariel and he challenge Ren McCormack to drive the bus? But why bus? Clearly said to me that the boyfriend (Chuck Cranston) love to race car but why not dance? to me is kind of off story thing.
If I didn't pay attention to the whole story, I won't be interested to watch the front part where there is no dancing involve. On how the bans thing goes and how they fight for it.

What I like about this film is, I like how the starting part is. It totally wow me and I didn't expected them to have a car incident. When there are good guy, there will be alway bad guy around if not how the movie goes on?

Try to change the law? Is he able to make it with the friends around him supporting him? I will let you find out on your own if not there won't be any meaning if you are watching this movie. :)

Overall I would give a 3/5 stars show :)

Amazing Face Book Friendship Award 2011

Hey Guys!
Remember the past few week I been posting about the Amazing Lifestyle and stuff?
- Amazing Lifestyle: Fittness Workshop
- Photoshoot: Amazing Lifestyle

So today I need you guys to help me~
All I need is about a few click away from your mouse.

Voting starts from 24 Oct to 7 Nov, 2359hrs! Just click "LIKE" on the Amazing Lady's picture you love the most.

The winner is the one who gets the most no. of "LIKEs" on her profile photo!
Spread the word and get your family, friends and colleagues to support you :)

The winner of the Amazing Facebook Friendship Award 2011 (who gets the most number of LIKEs) will get a public autograph session at the official launch of the Amazing Lifestyles 2012 calender.
If you guys would love to purchase the calender from me, feel free to email me @ mizuki.krelene@gmail.com

Just click "Like" And your done!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Paddle Pop Rainbow

Who doesn't know this is a super yummy ice-cream?
You must be kidding me?!?! I remembered the first time I brought this ice-cream and feel in love with it, all I know is 7-eleven store sold this not sure other place have it anot.

So as today price it cost me $1! Freaking $1 YES! It was actually 50cent rise up to 70cent, 80cent and now $1!
if it rise up again I don't think I will get this anymore even do this hold memory of me eating it almost everyday in my school life.
Alright enough of the ranting~

 Look at how amazing the color! Totally amaze me everytime I look at it, I will turn and turn my ice-cream before my first lick to it! Amazing thing is the taste! WOW~ totally feel like I am riding a rainbow over the sky to my room.

Before I am too excited to my first lick, decided to take a fast picture and it was blur! OTL
Yummy ice-cream! With my new hat that I brought from Bong Qiu Qiu flea today!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Decoration for Halloween

As you guys know that the Halloween is here! That mean is the fun of hearing/looking at your friend being shock/surprise/scared!!!

So as my shop, actually plan to dress up but! If we did, no customer will actually buy from us.

So my boyfriend and I decided to decorate the shop! Thanks to Daiso nearby with good stuff! And it totally damn cheap! Sound Cheapskate right?

Who cares! Because just a few week it will be Christmas Day!! And soon will be my brother birthday, wondering this year what he will plan to do.

So here the photos of it!

Just nice an undead zombie attack my shop!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Botanic Garden in Singapore

Hey guys!
I know you guys must be thinking "Yeah we know about botanic garden, nothing much over there~"

But on Oct 8 2011 there a mrt near by! Which mean I am able to get to Botanic Garden by MRT!
So this is how the interior design of the mrt!

The platform area! I totally feel like a tourist taking picture where ever I goes...Personally I do not like the art on top, look like crap to me. Really sorry to said that...

The way up to the Office Station. Look at the art only 1 side of the train have it. Wondering what the other side will be?

My assistant for the day! Actually I am here for a shoot if not I won't pop up there to take picture? I think...

Look at how big the space is! Wondering why do they need to make such a big space here hmmm...Prevent it from flooding? haha

Ta-Da! The exit from mrt station. I like how the over bridge is but too bad we are not going there, we are turning right ->

After getting in, before getting lost we decided to grab a map and move from there. So he insist me taking a picture of him standing there like a retard hahaha funny right my boyfriend!

We are actually at the other end of Botanic Garden so this is our first time at the other end of Botanic Garden, pictures below will were randomly taking while walking

I love this "tree" a lot!
This intriguing sculpture by Zadok Ben-Daviad contains more than 500 figurines.
It is gifted to the Children's Garden by Dr Rosslyn Leong.

Want a closer picture of that "tree"?

Cool right! If I didn't see the sign, I totally won't know that contains more than 500 figurines!

Yes, We settle ourselves at the kids corner which I think that is the shortest place to rest from the MRT. And we spotted something that look like me, that what my boyfriend said.

1 word I would said "LOL"

Alright! That was a long way to walk from 1 end to the other end. Check out my photoshoot ooh~
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