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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ranting Post~!~

Why take Internet so serious? I totally don't understand, that are just a few anger sentence. If everyone like you guys, I am sorry to said your a narrow minded.

Let see, you said I am a money face? In what sense in your brain you think I am a money face to you? Just by look at me reaching out my hand to my parent for money? Asking parent for money? Stealing parent money? Hello?!?! Money Face? Which century are you in right now, guess you have a old mindset where ****A.D money solve everything. Snatching asset, I am sorry I totally not interested in my family asset. THOSE ARE NOT MINE! Even one day it turn to mine, I will just donate every single cent to the needs.

Childish mindset? Yes I am! So what? I rather live in the old time where they bring me go out to have fun, now? All they know is to work and earn money for us, brought the gadgets that I need. I DON'T WANT THOSE! I rather have a family where I am able have fun and enjoy my days. When is my last time having fun in amusement park, I don't even remember when is the last time I had fun with my family. For what I know is, every cartoon show that I watched at least let me remember young and fun to hang out with my parent.

Do they even know how good my result is? No they don't, they only the bad result I have and keep repeat it. Yeah they know I have won lots of award but do they even know what are the award I won? Do they even know I won $1000 before? I bet they don't even know...

Talk about respect? I respect them for every single thing I can but do they even respect my friends? Calling them all sort of names? or rather said do they even respect their own parent? Insulting me whole day that call respect? I don't think so, no matter what they are my parent.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Event: River HongBao 2012

"River hongbao" what that? Sound funny to you, I will slowly tell you what is it about!

River Hongbao welcome the Year of the Dragon with the biggest New Year Carnival in Singapore at The Float @ Marina Bay! From 21st to 29th January 2012, The Float will be turned into a wonderland of culture, food, lights and entertainment daily from 12 noon to 11.30pm (On Chinese New Year’s Eve 22 January 2012, from 12 noon till 1am).

So simply to said, is just a so called exhibition to welcome the Year of Dragon. But why did I go for this year? Reason is simple, I just know it a few day ago about this event through my friend. How sad my life is....

For more detail about River HongBao just visit their website at www.riverhongbao.sg

One last thing to said before I boom up all the picture, it will be nicer if you went in the night time than the day time. There will be more programme running at night.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY(Chinese New Year) Celebration 2012!

Hey guys! I am back from my trip to Malaysia, actually in the correct term is visit my grandpa. Every year, I only got to see him twice whenever I went there.

This year, totally a hard year for him because anytime his time will up but I am already prepare for the time to come and send him off with no regret at all unlike my grandma, What I know was that that time both my brother and I was around the corner taking exam time but grandma going to had her last breathe and the whole family was having quite a heat up fight. Both of us unable to do anything and rush to malaysia. And YES! We finally able to see her but soon we left not soon, she is gone. Until now I still unable to let go of this...

Oh well, Let change topic! In malaysia and of cos we sure have firecraker to play, firework to enjoy! But before I upload the video let watch this motorcycle stunt!
Firework will be uploaded soon, after my daddy sent it to me =.=

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Sorry guys, been REALLY busy in my life!

Before I totally no connection, here a short post to my reader out there!

A Happy Chinese Year To You, Wish You Have A Good Year Ahead!

Not feeling the chinese new year mood yet? Don't worry sooner you will, because you will get lots of ang pow(red packet). DRAGON YEAR!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Pasir Ris Swimming Complex

Firstly, there lots of thing happening to me in short I do not wish to said it because I don't think it involve in my reader right? Sharing a sad thing is kind of bad thing for me so yeah~

Alright guys! As the title said, Pasir Ris "recently" had this swimming complex right next to the MRT station which is a SUPER good location. (Is quite long I ever since step into Pasir Ris)
Location good so how about the facility? All I visit is the swimming pool, Such a COLD day I went for a swim... And of cos the water sure have a heater right?

ANSWER is NO! the water was damn freaking cold and I can't get in the pool. What no heater is alright what the bad thing is looking at small animal crawling around, unknown worm getting into the pool. I think is the best thing they leave a gap between the leaves and the pool.

Compeition pool have heater but heater somehow is not working at so much so the water is still cold! And I don't think I will visit here again for swimming I will rather walk a little further to downtown east for a swim.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Sasatinnie Face Mask

Hey guys!

Been waiting for so long? I am sorry alright! I have to settle quite lots of stuff especially my shop(pushcart) no long over at Cineleisure. BUT that doesn't mean you can't purchase items from me, I will run around Singapore doing flea market or night market.

How to track me?
All you need to do is like my facebook fan page, Just search for "Ahgirlplussize aka Kristy Lee" and it will came out.
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Alright back on track!

Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask! Is amazing how nice the smell when the moment you open the package and I was fill with happiness and totally can't wait to put it on my freaking FACE!

Total have 6 packs in a box, I am not sure about the pricing so I don't think 1 box able to cost you more than $20? I guess...

So now here the review of it:
The mask was soak in so well! And the moment I put it on my face WOW the feeling is so shock! But there a problem I don't like it. Well you know, this is a 3D mask which mean it hook it on to your ear to prevent the mask from falling off your face? I suppose from the side hook. And also there also a chin hook which kind of lift up your chin?

So, I give it a hook. OMG! SO TIGHT totally unable me to enjoy the mask! Kind of like wearing a costume mask which unable me to move my head freely! Hurt my ear! Maybe there is certain face size and just nice that my face is WAY to big!! the chin hook kind of like choking me no way I will buy again this mask! Even though it said it lift up your chin...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Coming up with 2012


Guys thanks for accompanying this blog for the whole year and without you guys I won't be here blogging for you!

AhGirlPlusSize Most Funny Moment Of The Year
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The reason I am late for this post is because my mom side of my grandpa is in hospital and you know malaysia hospital took their own time sweet driving that fucking ambulance so good thing is my relative have their own vehicle for transport if not I am not sure what going to happen to my grandpa.

Alright, Good thing is there is not much of the life danger thing but that doesn't make me feel good. Because he still unable to leave the hospital that is what I am worry about. Hope he will get well.


Now! 2012 is here what I can say is, Look forward and Forget the past.

But wait don't forget this!

Thanks guys! Without you I wont be able to be Top 5 finalist. 1 Last week last Hope you guys spread to your friend whoever able to help me with this :) once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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That simple!

And once again HAPPY NEW YEAR AHEAD!
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