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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012 Easter Day!

Easter Day Is Coming!!

I am going to give away A prize to my reader! Spend with me for a year and today I am going to reward a reader with this!! And also Celebrate Easter Day 2012

All you need to do is, Email/Comment Below "When is Easter day?"
Simply right?!?! I won't accept Anonymous account so do check you have login to your account :)

Dateline will be 9 April! So Send them in now!!

March Birthday!


It been awhile since I posted, As far as I could remember. Lots of my friend had their birthday on March, I am not sure is it me or what maybe I have lots of friends that born in the March compare to other month?

So same thing, a broke month as well.

See those 2 people behind? They are the one who have their birthday in March! so decided to celebrate together, the more, the merrier right?
I know what you thinking, beside me is not my sister or twin sister. We were just Best Friend for like @!#$#@!# years, you won't believe me if I tell you how we meet.

Story goes like this:
When we were really really young (kid), We live like how kid live so happen to meet on hospital! As for me, I was sick on that day so the doctor given me the wrong medicine, making me from bad condition to worst and I got to stay in hospital. As for her case, The maid didn't clean properly the milk bottle and other stuff causes her falling sick, so she need to stay in the hospital too.

And ta-da that how we meet. After the stay in hospital, of cos we went back to our own way without contacting each other. Soon, we meet again in Primary 3. At that time, we do not know we meet before and from there slowly day by day friendship begin to grow. Secondary school time, Surprise we went to the same school again.

I remember that time went up to her house, when meeting her to go out. I saw her grandmother so I called "Ah ma!" haha that was the funny moment, soon we went out together. the next few day her grandmother told her about the story! And so do my grandmother told me too.

You must be thinking how our grandmother meet? Thanks to the wet market below my house, that is how they meet haha. an untold story hidden our past for so long and now we know the truth!

I shall spam all the photo taking in my blog!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Serious! Back Log Post!

Hey ya! ~.~

My body is totally damn weak, Flu intend to stay in my body after cough been staying in my body for so long... That is really really a bad sign! Totally bad shape now, with this kind of body I still need to came out 3 costume before June. Really really no time for everything!!!

Stupid fool! Who will believe me?!?! Came out with 3 costume? You must be kidding me haha, To be truth is a costume with killer flowerssssss on top, 1 props needed to be done before April came so that I have more time for the Super Killer Flowerssssssss Costume! I am not going to said what costume when I am done I will show it to my reader out there :)

Other 2 costume I will have it tailor :(  $$$ fly out fast from my wallet, actually not wallet is bank! So hopefully nothing goes wrong with the props and costume I do. Oh yeah, By the way, I am going to take part this year Cosfest 2012 cosplay competition! Wish me Super Luck!

My birthday is on 1 of feb 1992, so this really really quite a back log post. I am super happy with lots of friends turning up and the most surprise thing is...Almost all give me the same kind, which is bags...

Thank you, I must be thinking I do not have lots of bag therefore buy me bag? or I should change my bag everytime? or I really in need a bag?

haha I am just kidding guys! NO OFFEND! But really thank you for your present I really like it a lot!
I shall use all the bag! for ny swimming suit to be in, for my coin, for my make up product, for my &%$&@.

This game! Hugging me all the time! I know is a super old game but I just want to play again, feed chicken, feed cow, ride horse, married a wife, have kid and etc

To be truth, this is the only game I would love playing when I am a kid. Don't know what is this game about? aw~ Is simple just GOOGLE IT!


Going to play it now~!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Display

Hey! Have you ever wonder why does food display alway look so yummy?

"Fake foods are also used to display lifelike replicas of real foods for restaurants, grocery chains, museums, banquet halls, casino buffets, cruise ships and in many other instances in which real foods can not be displayed. " From Wikipedia

You might not even know in the future what are the food made from...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where have I gone too?

I am back to my blogging time!! Sorry guys to keep you waiting, this few week I been really really busy with my stuff and also the illness that caught on me. I know that really bad but here an update on what going on!

I been working with this newly set up company until now is not really a good sight of it because the offer they given is not really as good as those company up there. Compare as cheap? Not really the best, Free thing? Not as much as other company, Able to trust? well, is a newly company I am not sure.

These are a few question that I counter, but to be truth, I don't even want to sign up with them. Sorry guys I am unable to said the name of the company :) If not, sooner or later I don't think I will survive haha

Other than working, I been trying to find way of improving my blog so if there any bug or any suggestion you would like to see. Contact me at mizuki.krelene@gmail.com or you can just leave a comment below :) but please no spamming! I been receiving lots of spamming since I started blogging on this blog, maybe that how the company advertise? :(

About the illness, there are 2 or rather say more? Firstly is the coughing, I been coughing like 2 week or so? and it still not recovering as fast as I could, that is the worst illness happen to me T.T (actually I been eating fried food while recovering) another thing is my eye!


Actually is only 1 eye affected but soon it become 2! Why? I will tell you the reason!

I been playing game for more than 8 hours! and this is the first time I had this kind of eye bloodshot! Gamer is alway a gamer but please take care of your eye and don't be like me! Killing my stupid eye! Before I went to the doctor, I been wondering is it the lens that I wear the more I think the more is impossible! Because all these while I been wearing lens but only last few day got it! hmm so girls out there becareful to those cheap lens and find out where do your lens come from! This is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Alright that it for the update :)
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