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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Rebonding hair @ $55

Let me introduce you this lady : Auntie XiuZhen

I believe some of them mind know her or not so today I am going to share my experience with my reader and friends out there. Firstly, before I made my trip down of cos need some research right? Getting the cheapest and great rebonding. So I set my budget to as low as $50.

At first, I don't really believe myself there will be $50 for a hair rebonding but here the info popping out of almost every where and mostly quite a few back, saying how good is her rebonding is and how bad it is.

The good review about mostly was: "She is very chatty and friendly...blah blah blah"
The bad review about it was: "I told her I didn't want my hair to be so flat, she insist on doing it"

Not so near to MRT, about 10min ride from Boon Lay Interchange.

Not a very clean place, you will be able see the stain of dying hair color on the wall. That is left by the customer who rest the head on the wall? Other than that is a cozy place to hang out.

My appointment is at 2pm, I arrive slightly late. There are already 2 people taking turn to do their hair, so every time she will be handle 3 people at a time if my guess wasn't wrong.

I totally love how it goes, because I do not need to have my butt cramp sitting for 4 to 5 hours in a salon. As for her, remember I told she do 3 head together. First she put the chemical onto my head after that I have to wait, meanwhile while waiting she do other head (blowing dry while she was applying the chemical on head) making it straight and put another type of chemical. After finish applying is my turn again to wash my head,
After washing my head, I have to blow dry myself and she do the 3rd head same process. Go on and again and again.

I love the result! Because I do not have any butt cramp, neck pain, boring time and etc. Since I told you she is very chatty and friendly so I ensure you that your session will be a boring time doing your hair.

What are the disadvantage about it?
Let me sum it up in point form:
- got to dry your hair

That it! One bad thing about it.
Want her detail now?
Auntie Xiu Zhen
Blk 945 Jurong West St 91 #09-515

If your hair is those REALLY long (bra length) should not be more than $80, when you make a appointment it might wait up to 1 to 2 week, lucky me I am able to have a slot within 1 week. Best luck to you!

P.S My hair was super freaking dry and she almost doesn't want to do it because if I do it will spoil my hair. So I told her is if really turn out to be really bad just cut off, she laugh and said "Even if I ask you to go home, you will find another person to do for you" and I happily said "yes!" XD

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clarks men’s shoes: Affordable price


With the cost of designer shoes rising higher than ever before, there’s never been a better time to keep your choice in footwear practical and stylish, without having to break the bank.

Indeed, as reported recently on the Huffington Post news site, high-end department stores are growing worried about the high price of designer shoes, which is becoming off-putting to consumers.

Daniella Vitale, chief merchant and executive vice president of Barneys New York, said:
“The prices have shot up dramatically – the concern is if the average price point
continues to go up, people will stop buying multiple pairs.”

This leap in pricing is visible to any high street consumer: the average price of designer shoes in some stores has nearly doubled in just a few years, putting real strain on the market and pricing many people out of their perfect pair of shoes altogether.

The phenomenon has been attributed to the fact that some people will keep paying for designer shoes whatever the price tag, because they are desperate to own them for their cache and status. But what’s the point in paying all that money for a ‘status symbol’ if some of the hottest celebrity parties place a ban on shoes altogether?
US rapper and producer P Diddy recently demanded that his guests change into slippers because his house has a ‘no shoes rule’. Hordes of glamorous guests reportedly arrived at the Miami mansion wearing their tallest heels and most expensive footwear, only be told to slip into a pair of slippers for the remainder of their stay.

Bearing in mind the arbitrary price hikes placed on designer labels, it’s reassuring to know that you can still buy great quality, stylish shoes at an affordable price from Clarks. Clarks men’s shoesoffer superb craftsmanship in a wide range of fashionable styles  Clarks men’s shoes offer superb craftsmanship in a wide range of fashionable styles, including smart leather work shoes, casual sandals, trainers and rugged boots. They’ll look fantastic at any party – apart from P Diddy’s!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rant: Kpop beat Jpop?

First thing came to my mind is what the fuck is wrong with this writer? Finding a death road to her job? or nothing to write in her section?


So now, my question to you is. Are you calling a war between the Kpop fan and Jpop fan?

"J-Pop was at its peak and glory days in the 90's and early 2000's. Millions of records were sold and all. Where was K-Pop back then? At that time, Japan did not have articles that trampled on other countries' music industries. Now that there is a K-Pop boom, they go about writing these kinds of articles that it annoys the hell out of me.

S. Korea, if your artists are all so good then why the hell are you all desperately trying to make your artists successful in Japan? I'd love to see your precious SNSD sell millions with a Korean record.

And that photo right there is such an insult. Taeyon vs Ayumi Hamasaki? Goddammit. Taeyeon as representative of Korea? I'd accept it if it were BoA and only BoA. Does that article have an online version? I'd like to comment there.
And another thing, J-Pop doesn't care about going international. They do not have a Japan Wave or a movement that calls for their artists to promote in other countries. They are all contented with their country, selling Japanese material. It's Korea that has this movement and mentality and desire to promote and promote in other countries. That kind of desperation isn't in J-Pop.

See how effortless it is in J-Pop? Ayumi Hamasaki and the others can sell a hell lot of records even without learning the languages of other countries and debut there. They just do their stuff, release their songs in their own country, and sell like hot pancakes. As opposed to Korea that oh well, k. We all know how they so wanted to conquer the Japanese market.

Comment by Lara Danielle Cartujano-Takarai

According to both side, What I know is Kpop sure spend quite a sum of money to promote on marketing on oversea and much more other stuff on the band to get famous in no time. With money, you can even turn a ugly ducking to a swan in no time.

Jpop dump all their money into the unique theme for the band, design and etc not much on marketing. So how they going to earn from that? You must be wondering...

On a bias side of me, I could see that Kpop fans mostly comment on their look instead of the music. So does that make you think they should go modelling instead of making music? If your a Kpop fan of cos you won't agree with me. You will start to say "Jpop suck! Rubbish noisy music" or "Kpop look more handsome/pretty than Jpop"

What the media said is way to bias to the Jpop fan...totally

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinky Event: Build a bear Avengers party

This going to be first Pinky event and also blogging here. Do read her post ooh!

Finally I got my first post for it!

Kurumi also taking photo from her phone and upload it to her instagram. Since it look fun, I photobomb her photo!! haha
*Do follow her on her instagram, ahgirlplussize*

We were late for 30 min due to taking the wrong train which took us one whole round of Singapore...Maybe Kurumi like to take circle line instead of the purple line >.< I was kind of sad when we were late but...

 Look! Who that?!?!
My new friend! His name call Ash.
So we were all late together!!

Kurumi got little worried afraid that the event end when the moment we reach but NO! We manage to know the estimate time they end so kind of phew~

Rushing to place and end up, is all kids playing. Not kind of sad or what just feel cheated, In the list of signing up Kurumi and I sure saw there a guy name which is 30 years old so that make Kurumi not-so-the-only-adult there. Oh well I was so worried that Kurumi might just turn back and go home but no she stay strong and stand there till the end of the event!! I LOVE YOU KURUMI!

We came in half-way, look so many fury friends! I wish to make friend with them but..they will so shy unable to make any friend so I just able to have fun with Ash! Is alright, I am sure I will be able to meet them some time soon!

Waiting for my turn, to have these sparkling power inside my body so I HAVE SUPERPOWER!

Wow! That alot, quick put inside so I have superpower like the rest!!!
Alright! I have superpower now but I am kind of smelly PLEASE AIR BATH ME!

Okay! I got to wait for my turn! I super love air bath because I just love it!
Quick, My Turn My Turn!

After the bath, now waiting for the pre-selling outfit! I AM TOTALLY SO EXCITED! Wonder which outfit to get hmm.
Wow! Kurumi is so in love with the spiderman outfit because she said that other like not nice. But actually she not really know the rest of the character haha.

The outfit of the spiderman!!! I wonder how it going to look like on me?!?

Do I look cool or what? Super nice on me right?!?!?!

The mask look funny on me now WHY!?!?! Now I am a Pinky Spiderman

Before the event ended, of cos must take picture of the mascot!

By the way, I am finally a Jr. Cybearguide! Kadyangel139 that my name on bearville!


Friday, April 20, 2012

BlogEvnt: Crocs Your Style!

The first thing when I think about Crocs, is just remind this ugly looking big shoe!

Not trying to say they are not good at all I won't totally go for this to match my outfit of the day. It might be comfortable to wear, easy to wear, stylish color but it will NEVER ever appear in my shoe collection!

But today I am going to show you what are the other choice they have, other than this ugly shoe.

Not only for adult, totally for all ages! My grandma actually like the brand but she always complain why is it so expensive. If their pricing able to give it a change, I am sure they will have more business than usual.

Alright! Got my ticket and totally can't wait for it to start! The only problem here is, There is no allocated place on where we are able to seat from and of cos we blogger will get the front seat so that we will be able to take nicely picture to share with our reader, unfortunately we have to move like a lost bird in the jungle, don't know whether able to sit or not.

Finally got my seat but I am block by 2 tall guys in-front so unable to take good picture. So can you spot who are these blogger?

After the long wait, finally it start! Kovit Ang, stylist. was invited up on stage to share with us some of the styling tips with the shoes that Mint picked. By the way, Mint is also a blogger too!
And a picture with Kovit Ang!

Without further ado, the fashion show start!
Side note: On that day was raining, therefore there water dripping on the stage. I was so afraid that the model might fall off the stage and hurt themselves but what shock me more is. Model was walking so comfortably and confidently without worry about anything!

Totally enjoy the show and I can't wait to get my first pair!

How about guys? They do wear shoe too! Here a few design that guy might like

 Good for working type, comfortable unlike those shoe making your feet hurt so much!
This design good for going with friend, party with friend in comfortable shoe and style!

So how about women? Into heels?

Wanted to get this pair but Tampines outlet doesn't seem to have it so too bad for me!

how about some loud color or even combine of 2 color?

Now does that change your mind thought about Crocs?

 I am wearing a size 10! Actually at first I was wearing size 8 but kind of like dumpling so better change to a bigger size haha!

Good looking shoe right! Why I choose this is because the style and color although this look kind of boyish look but I am sure my foot LOVE this!

 Lots of choice to choose from, I been walking left and right, right to left thinking which to choose. Lucky there is not much people in the store if not they might be thinking I am crazy girl!

A little decor for your shoe! $3.90 to $4.90! There a slightly expensive too but I think this is much more cute then those!

There a makeover contest by Crocs

Your chance at winning a total makeover package valued at USD8,000 is just a few clicks away. Go to the New Crocs New You website, ncny.crocsasia.com, and in 500 words or less, tell the world why you deserve the ultimate makeover. One finalist will be chosen from each participating country. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will be awarded with S$6,000 shopping spree vouchers with a professional stylist. Once you are chosen, share your story with your friends and ask them to vote
for you! If you have the most votes, you and a guest will receive round trip tickets and
accommodation in a city of your choice*. You will also be sent on a shopping spree with
a recognized beauty and style expert. They will then whisk you away to a salon where the
New You transformation will begin. *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.

Crocs Mix&Math Mobile App: For New Crocs New You on the go, you can download
the Crocs mobile application, Crocs Mix&Match. This app lets you snap a picture of your
outfit, allows you to choose the focus colors, and then matches the best pair of CrocsTM
shoes to coordinate with what you are wearing. Want to try them on? No problem! You can
try them on virtually by pointing your phone at your feet. If you love them, then you can
purchase them through the application on the Crocs webstore

Monday, April 16, 2012

2nd Blogger?


Remember my few tweet? If you do follow me on twitter you will find out later who is this Pinky blogger working together with me on Ahgirlplussize!

Here my twitter: @Ahgirlplussize

"Pinky" is a bear which I make it the No.1pal. She is from Build-A-Bear Workshop and she is now adopted by me!
So I name her "Pinky" Since she is pink and cute!

Today I brought her a set of clothing and she look so happy! How do I know? Once you have a bear that you build in the shop, you will know why. If not, you might just think I a crazy girl who is actually talking to my bear or It just a bear/toy.

Do support me and Kurumi in this blog okay?
By the way, I love this top but pant...hmm not really like it because is BROWN!
Pinky doesn't like brown, I like pink and blue!

My birthday is on 14/04/2012. I just use this date because that is when I was "born" and Kurumi decided to take me to her home!
I was so excited to reach home but...Kurumi room is a MESS!

She is a cosplayer so lots of material will be at the side and props that is not done yet. Although she is a plus size but she do make effort to make her cosplay look good ooh.

BlogEvnt: The PinkRoom

A few bloggers and I attended the nail seminar, organised by The Pink Room International Nail Academy on Monday, 9th April. It an night event so after my work I have to rush down thinking am I the late but I am not the only 1 who is late~ *coughrecentlycaseoftransportationcough*
Now who are they? There is so many nail academy out there but why choose them?

Don't be lazy, feel free to take a look at the site.

Since is a seminar that I attended so I guess is nothing much on I could said. I shall spam pictures

 Can you guess what is this thing for?
*can opener*

 A little snack for Joey~

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