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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Panasonic & omy.sg Photography workshop

The whole workshop was held at Albert Court Village Hotel before I go on, I was so surprise that that a hotel somewhere near Little India Mrt Station and Bugis Mrt Station. All I know was the 81 Hotel which sort of everywhere...

What so special about this hotel than other?

Since it located near Little India, Just a few min walk you will be able to see its side streets that are just SUPER colourful and vibrant. Let your sense of smell go into overdrive as pungent spices and sweet jasmine vie for your attention or even able to release your stress even!

Just look at how nice this object is, maybe I should brought some home for home decor right?!?! *I can sense that my parent will be yelling at me If I fill this up in my room* There lots of nice looking stuff but I am unable to enjoy it because the whole group was so fast rushing to other place... T.T Shall have a trips down again to this place.

What happen if in the middle at the night you were having the mood of shopping? Don't worry! Because in Little India there a shopping mall which open for 48th Hours! Totally no problem in staying at Albert Court Village Hotel

Other than Little India, Just walk a little further away from the Albert Court Village Hotel you were be reaching Bugis Street where lots of clothes worth your time shopping around there. Pricing is as low as $5 for a top shirt/short! Imagine you are able to lots of clothes just by spending let say $50! 

Getting to other place? Just 10-minutes' drive to Raffles City and Suntec City convention centres and the Central Business District. That how nice is the location of Albert Court Village Hotel 

How gorgeous is the hotel?
Credit by albertcourt
This is just a lobby! Look how big it is, from the outside view I thought it will be some cramping around where normally hotel were. Went in the door reception counter will be just infront/side of you, after checking in you will be entering to the lift and went up to your room!
But no! for Albert Court Village Hotel, they even have facilities like Twin Jacuzzi and Gymnasium! That make me more want stay here than my own room~
For more information about the hotel: http://www.stayvillage.com/albertcourt/

Thanks to Panasonic, omy.sg, Jerome Lim and Christine Ng for all the tips and trick!
For the rest of the post I shall be spamming photos!

A test shot before heading out for a shoot.
I will be using Lumix GF5 for the shoot, normally I will be bringing my 450D out for shoot and let test how good it is!

Just color the world with you and me

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eco Music Challenge 2012

Hey! Calling all talent musician!!!

The Eco Music Challenge is an online songwriting competition organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA) for talented and passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for our beautiful environment through music.

Start going green now and get your shot at fame as you sing and write your way to a cleaner, greener Singapore. And if that isn't cool enough, you also stand to win up to S$13,000 in cash and Sony prizes!

Primary (7-12 years old)
1st Prize : S$200
2nd Prize : S$100
Secondary (13-16 years old)
1st Prize : S$500
2nd Prize : S$250

Open Category
1st Prize : S$5,000
2nd Prize : S$3,000
3rd Prize : S$2,000
9 Consolation Prizes
(S$300 cash each)
Most Popular Song : S$300
Not only get cash but the top 3 winners of the Eco Music Challenge will get to showcase their songs at Timbre @ The Substation

To join the contest, Simply upload your entry to the NEA website
They do have a music video, do watch the video and answer the question below to stand a chance to win $100 epicentre vouchers to be won each week

And get your friends and family to vote for you!
Do check out more info on their facebook or twitter
Hey before you go! Do support a friend of mine, If you find the song nice give a vote for him alright!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Anime Festival Asia Malaysia will be staged for the very first time in Malaysia and of cos I will be going to have fun there hopefully I am able to make lots of friend over at Malaysia!

I will be cosplay the rainbow/fruit Miku from Vocaloid. The Green Apple Version so look out for me if your going to the event too alright!

Other than taking picture of the cosplayer, there lots of exciting show going on at the stage!

Woah! Is your favourite singer/band coming to Malaysia AFA? Want to know where to get the ticket before it sold out?

Step by step guide to getting the Super Anisong Genki Live!! Experience.
  • STEP 1

    Online purchase or visit ticketing outlets via http://www.ticketcharge.com.my
    *Starts from 10am 10.05.12 (THU)
  • STEP 2

    Collect "Super Anisong Genki Live!!" ticket(s) (receipts only) from any Ticket Charge outlet. (Please refer to http://www.ticketcharge.com.my)
  • STEP 3

    Redeem Festival+Stage ticket(s) and lightstick(s) at the dedicated "Super Anisong Genki Live!!" redemption counter at the venue (Check AFA website for location and opening times). The Festival+Stage tickets are in the form of wristband and are to be worn at all times.
  • STEP 4

    Enter the festival grounds and stage area through the main entrance.
  • STEP 5

    Enter the concert area before the "Super Anisong Genki Live!!" concerts through the entrance of Putra World Trade Centre Tun Razak Hall 2.
  • STEP 6

    Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Interested to get in to shop around? Other than the concert, There lots of exciting shop for you to walk around!

The super awesome Moe Moe Kyun Cafe! For guy to have their dream came through with kawaii girls to serve you but how the lady?

   The Atelier Royale Cafe will be serving you! Making you have a memories left become for the exciting AFA KL!

And of cos there will be Cosplay Compionship going on the 10th June!

You have to pay 15RM or 30RM
- 15RM only allow you to Festival Only Access, mean what is going the stage you are unable to see it. There shop like Moe Moe Kyun Cafe, Atelier Royale Cafe and etc.

- 30RM allow you to Festival + Stage Access

Single Day Ticket Pricing
(09 and 10 JUNE)
Now they do not allow to buy 2 days at one go, I find it that is quite troublesome because surely there a super long queue early in the morning for those who like to get game card and etc....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Winner of ShopThe Excessories

Hey! Sorry to took me so long to announce the winner, finally I am able to announce it!! And don't forget to often check back for the latest contest on my blog oh~


The post about the contest if you have not read it or not sure what am I talking about~~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giveaway Time!

Went over to malaysia for the prayer to my grandpa who had just gone to join his wife and I think they must be very very happy to see each other again without any pain or burden involve in your life now.

And things must go on too. So I have a little time for a short shopping trip. Shall start spamming now~
Brought a few of the bra from here! A little treat from my mom though is a mother day, does that sound like a "Happy Daughter Day" instead of "Happy Mother Day"?

Just by looking at them make me freaking damn sexy~  Other than the innerwear brought a full set of beauty product

Welcome to my life Shu Uemura~

Total 13 spec woah! Super Cute spec right!!!

And not to forget my blog reader! Will have something for you guys again!
Totally in love with them!

Now the giveaway for this post! Everything is brought by me!
Just leave me your name and your email below so I am able to contact you when you are the winners!

Previous winner will be coming out soon~ REAL SOON

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BlogEvnt: Movie Preview《靈聼》Ghost on Air

Before I was invited to watch the preview, I already watch the trailer and I WAS SUPER LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MOVIE! 

A little info about this movie:
"Ping Xiao, a two time "Most Popular DJ" award recipient feels he has been robbed of his potential next award when a younger DJ Pauline steals limelight and his successful Morning show slot.

Desperate to get it back, he battles recurring memories of his deceased Horror novelist girlfriend, to bring to his listeners the sensational "Ghost on Air" Horror stories radio program.
The show is a hit, and with each painful memory he remembers, his stairway back to stardom is slowly rebuilt, though strange and unexplainable occurrences begin to happen to him in the radio studio.

 However, as he is just a few steps away from collecting his ultimate prize, he learns a dark secret --- The ghost stories he told were all true, and he could be part of the next one."

I totally in love with the treatment, it give you that kind of dull, creepy yet not so colorless feel. Nice sound effect but some part where suspense is a little long, predictable on some part. What I feel is a little to rush to it. I would love to see the director cut movie, wondering will it be out? hmm
I will rate it as a 4/5

I love how the content is!! Simple said just go watch it and you will know!

They will be on air 17th May 2012!

Singapore there a few directors that I know, Royston Tan, Jack Neo, Boi Kwong(Apparently this is my lecturer) and Cheng Ding An. I am sure there a few more out there, Do support more local film!
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