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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Begin of Love Story?


Sorry for dissappear for a period time, as you know these period where I have to prepare for my coming cosplay which held at July over at DownTown East, Cosfest

Got to rush out 2 cosplay character, will you be able to spot me?

On the saturday, I will be cosplay Mad Hatter from Are You Alice, Sunday will be doing Himoto Sore from Shitsurakuen. Both are from a manga series and also this will be mine first time cosplaying from manga series. Kind of feel stress somehow... Well hopefully everything goes smoothly and nothing went wrong, although is impossible nothing went wrong >.<

Another thing is I met a new friend recently or rather said he is quite interesting, kind of spice up the life I have now. Truth that he might be annoying to people but to me everyone have their own way of communciate with people but somehow I like how he communicate with me, things getting more and more further as it goes by days. We begin to know more about each other before we know the time pass by so quickly, it feel as if we knew each other for a very long time.

He have a super great observe skill because in our first meet, he actually remember what are the food that I dislike. Even it slip through my mind that I put aside the food. Whatever it is, I feel comfortable when I am with him...

Falling in love...

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Anime Festival Asia KL 2012

Taken by my dad haha! Really thanks to my parent although I am late to meet my group due to the client who interested to buy the house end up having internal conflicted themselves oh!

See! My dad know how to make me slim more then usual hahaha!!!

Arrived at the entrance! Eh did you spot my team mate behind?

Before this photo was taken I totally didn't know it was Kaname! Super Close Up sia!

The guy on the right side! Yes him, He is the one that unable to contact at the VERY LAST MIN before we headed off to Malaysia!

Malaysian Coser :)

The Pa-Ta-Pon!!!!

Haha he only take photo with chio bu(Pretty Girl) does that mean I am also one of them hahaha

The place is quite small and the floor is kind of dangerous I almost fall into the small hole twice, hopefully no one was injure on both day. The place is super hot and yet it feel like air-con doesn't exist in there. Great that that a few food stall outside for those who choose to have a cheaper food other than the cafe in the AFA.

On day 2, I brought puzzle and poker card. Totally doesn't know what else to buy hmm...oh yeah! I did try out for the voice acting totally totally damn nervous....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

YOUTH FUNtastic Sunday

I am in the Cosplay Interest Group (Chai Chee CC) so we will invited to have fun together in this event! So a small group of us decided to dress up to have fun :)

Before we reach the place is best to have something in my tummy before the event start! So here the process of preparing!
Do I look like some crazy green demon monster?!?!

A new cosplayer that I know :) Ching

Alright! We are almost ready for the event! LET HAVE FUN TOGETHER PEOPLE!

We were there from 10am+ if I am not wrong did you caught us walking around or taken picture with us?

Half way walking around we saw this SUPER CUTE mascot! Guess what am I thinking? We were super hot, till we saw this guy in mascot. HE IS TRIPLE OF HOTNESS THAN US!

There lots of fun stalls like football, badminton, netball and etc etc!

All the fun and of cos we need to fill up our tummy so that that will be part 2 of fun around!

I am not sure we were in the luck or we are just pure super lucky for our first even for Anime Culture Club which is at Chai Chee CC
And of cos I was super hyper for the lucky draw part but the prize wasn't much to what I expected, thought there will be some PSP or LCD TV. Maybe that the old times where my grandmoth who love to win those haha.
Flea market of cos there is! But what caught my attention is this booth, they do not sell you anything and yet they promote Quality Family Life, I totally love their idea of this. Because what I think is parent earning money to pay off child expense that what my parent told me too, I was super lonely when I was at a younger age, I am only able to meet my parent for like twice in a week or sometime we don't even meet each other. The moment they are back home, I am asleep, the moment I am off to school, they were sleeping. We only able to communicate through phone. But now I am lucky that the gap doesn't turn bad, instead my parent become my friend.


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