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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: LegoLand Visit


Finally able to have another family day! Lucky that my parent found a part timer so they able to leave the shop to have FUN with their kids! *YEAH~ MUMMY DADDY*

Legoland has been advertise almost everywhere as far as I know newspaper, TV and social network. I could said this confidently "It seem to be cheated my feeling about it" Not saying is not a fun place but there seem to be lots of the excitement "not yet" build finish. That the sad thing about it...

Well, about the distance to travel from Singapore to Legoland is about 10min I would said, if there is no jam and smooth driving. Best timing to go is about afternoon though might be hot, there some restaurant for you to fill up your energy before playing! Or some snacks to fill your tummy~ Don't worry if the food doesn't go with your taste, there a few restaurant inside the theme park!

They have ticket for a day and a whol year, Price for a day will be RM140 for a year RM275 (can't remember clearly), Which mean if you purchase a year ticket it sound cheaper but they haven't build finish so I don't think is a good deal for now~

Actually viewing from outside, my whole family was kind of feeling going back to Singapore instead of spending the whole day here...

Finally we get our tickets after discussion for awhile ~.~ "Still dont feel like getting in there"

Let the fun begin~

I feel that this Lego Uncle so lonely~ So I decided to take picture with him :) sad thing is T.T Lego Uncle doesn't like to take picture with me...

 *Don't disturb me...*

 DON'T GET TRICK BY THE CONTROL, this only shoot water out to make the person on the ride wet!
"try pressing all the button at the same time :) "

My computer right now is down so my blog going to dead for a period T.T
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