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Saturday, December 22, 2012

$70 Bubble Tea!?!?! + L2P

Hey guys!

You must be thinking how could a cup of bubble tea able to cost me a bomb ($70+)

Story goes like this...
When I was driving along the road behind Bugis Village, Suddenly I saw this "I <3 Tai Mei" bubble tea shop. It been so long that I wanted to try...

So lazy Kurumi decided to park along the road and here come the LTA officer...so yeah :(
Although start of the day was ruin, nevertheless L2P SAVE THE DAY!

Licence2Play presents Asia's Coolest Gaming Event 2012, showcasing the latest and widest genre of digital media and interactive games. It is an event for gaming fans and enthusiasts in the region. Claiming huge success on its first three installments by exceeding visitation and participation expectations, the 4th Licence2Play raises the ante by leveling up its gaming experience and including many other youth-based activities to generate more interest and participation. Join 150,000 enthusiasts at Sands Expo & Convention Centre Hall E! Come experience CosGames, an East vs West cosplay showdown, and witness talented youths battle it out for the KIMICS competition!
Basically what I feel about the event was, they should bring in more online game like..Newly game like A.V.A and etc etc...although half an hour there were really not much booth interest me maybe is the location where the feeling of gaming is not there...
First booth, RO2! That really caught my eyes with those catchy color and beautiful character~
Just staying at the booth seriously took me about 2 hour, that how interesting to my gaming level!
SO cute porring~ *Porring, the monster name* Forget is the pink or green color monster...
Are you tempted to get in touch with the game now?
Manage to have a CBT (Closed Beta Testing) so requirement is to get to level 25 in order to keep your IGN~
For more info about RO2?
Check out their official launch game on 27th Dec
 In the end, they lower it down to level 10 OTL

Do check them out! Lots of cute and fun game like Katamari! Lucky me able to see in live where the artist draw it~
Katamari Game~
It look complicated to me in the first place but it always entertain me~ Give it a try on this game *It quite addictive*

Ready to see the art!?!?!?
Can you guess what is this??
Loot at the end of the day~Super happy~
Going to wait till 27th Open Beta for this game :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GIVEAWAY RESULT! + Navel piercing

Before I announce the giveaway result~


Recently I got my belly pierce over at Bugis~ I been wanted to have it but didn't have the courage to do it but now....I still got no guts, in the end I still manage to get one <3

Bugis Tattoo & Body Piercing

Robin Uncle did it for me~ He totally is a joker! The whole process I am having fun and laughter. The moment I step into the shop Ah Bee and Alan was busy doing tattoo and Robin just nice was free~ Meanwhile he was preparing the tools, I had a small chat with their customer, She was so afraid when the moment I said I am going to pierce my belly haha. Both her son (I assume) and her was trying to cover their eyes yet still wanted to see that type.

I get super nervous when the moment Robin Uncle clamp my belly...AND I started to sing random tune "la la la.." Robin Uncle knew I was nervous, he started to join in the fun~ and sing Christmas song. haha that totally loosen me up! Super fast done but what I can feel is the clamp and the needle poking in and out haha it might sound scary but I there is totally no pain for me at all...
After a day, there where the pain came...not much of the pain still can handle the pain but can't bend down...it hurt (T,T)
So pretty~ *Does it look like some cute monster?* yes I have a mole near my belly
Congratz to Cheshire Wong! Remember oh to send me your address so that I am able to post it you, by this weekend if there no response from you. I will choose again ooh~

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