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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gone for Long, What the....Mermaid?

Ooohhhh yaaa!! 
Is been so long i am away from my blogging but don't be afraid i am more active on instagram, twitter or facebook page follow one if these you will find out what in life i am doing

Back to the early of this year, i am busying preparing my World Cosplay Competition due to that is spend me fully 3 month we actually came out a skit, costume and props. I can said that this 3 month i been improving lots of ways in cosplay not just cosplay the ability to work with another cosplayer which you don't know completely stranger, Although that not the worst i can think of.

My partner, Bernard known as Kagami. Older then me by a few years but he just started cosplay yet brave enough to join World Cosplay Summit Competiton i am admire him for that. It make me think back of my past where i started cosplay during 2007 joining small competiton to gain experience before making my way to World Cosplay Summit. I am confidently tell you IS TOTALLY AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL!
In the progress, we try to reduce the agurment to be more productive. I am glad that i have him as my partner, willing to learn and fast learner.

I remember clearly those smelly sweat in our costume for the whole week we been praticing no time to give it a wash. Repairing props is one of the time consuming...really... we made a wrong choice of that :(
Oh well, for those who miss our performance during Cosfest this year. 

Below is the video to watch our performance hope you like it

Recently on the internet, a video gone viral! The Mermaids: The New Evidence. Watch it below to find out more about this.

Been a mermaid is always my childhood dream. But it hidden down deep in my heart because I know I can't be like a mermaid...

With the Search Engine help, I am able to find out more detail about becoming mermaid though a online forums known as Mernetwork

Over there, lots of them over the world have the love of becoming Mermaid like I do!

One of the night swimming in Mermaid Tail! Mermaid tail cost ranging from $100 to $3000 USD
Expensive Hobby I could say...

if anyone would love to join me as mermaid feel free to contact me :)

Monday, May 27, 2013


Biggest Range, Best Service, Amazing prices! 

SmartBuyGlasses is part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, one of the world's leading online designer eyewear retailers with operations in Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the USA. 

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These are my favorite SunGlasses! 

To be truth, this my first time ever heard there SunGlasses for sport!! Woah! Fishing, Surfing, Cycling and etc, Check it out over here!

Since I am driving, Of cos I will take a look inside and see what interest me :)

 I am totally in love with this SunGlasses! But Hey! Wait! They still have..... Contact lenses!

Remember ooh they do have a Facebook page, Do give them a like and share oh~

There a little things I found out! It might be a little surprise to me buy they do have "Buy 1, Give 1" charity work.

Buy One,Give One

For every pair of glasses you buy, we give one to someone in need

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cure Festival Singapore 2013

Cure fest just end, I am having fun this 2 day! Day 1 Cosplaying as Enya Geil (Granny) from JoJo. Lots of them couldn't recognize me until i start to speak and a few of them who spotted me well done i can say haha 

Day 2 the weather a bit harsh on me, keep drinking lots of water

*costume way too tight on me, size is about M size but somehow i am able to wear but still tight*

When Cosplaying the hotness is always there! but fun time always there too
. No pain, No gain in Cosplay i would turn it into No Effort, No Fun

Putting it aside, I have a few cosplayer who approach me saying they are interested to join WCS (World Cosplay Summit) I am happy to hear that do know that WCS is not like those Cosplay posing competition ohh, along the way to the final day, i have learn lots of stuff with my partner and with the other team,
 instead of having enemy killer look all in all we still friends 

Fun factor is alway there but there will be serious times too and now after Cure Fest we will be having more serious things to be done.. Hope all WCS team performance will woah the whole Cosfest. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

My master Dio, Pitcha support him on his World Cosplay oh

Super love this photo! Beside me, That Shirley Look out for her during Cosfest ooh She will be cosplaying one of the JoJo Character too!

One of the Dragonboat member, he is damn funny! *Hey take picture!* click *Take more come on! they look so wonderful!!* click click click*More more more!!!* 

A photo of us in the dragonboat, Before that we were having fun waiting for it haha

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

World Cosplay Summit Singapore

Hi It been awhile, reason due to my computer is down again and I can't do anything...another thing is I am in the WCS Singapore competition during Cosfest July 6 & 7 2013


WCS Singapore Contestant Team no. 1
Crown ACE
Members are Kurumi Sato and Kagami

Our performance will be on 7th July 2013 the first team to perform hope you enjoy our performance ooh

Thursday, February 21, 2013


“4...3…2…1” no matter where you are, everyone in the world is looking forward to the countdown to New Years Day, which includes 3 Thai teens in New York City. They are roommates. Jack is a rich kid from Thailand who lies to his parents that he’s in NYC to study, where in reality he is actually spending their money on a daily basis just to have fun. Pam a materialistic girl who would do anything to impress others and finally, Bee, Jack’s girlfriend, who has yet to reveal to anyone why she came to NYC in the first place.
The 3 friends want to have a NYE party to remember, so Jack calls Jesus, a drug dealer, to drop off some stuff to their apartment so they can celebrate the end of the year in style. They actually don’t know Jesus that well and don’t really know his background. However, his visit that night will change their lives forever.
“4...3..2…1” They are counting down without knowing for sure that their new day is going to be waiting for them….

Jack – a rich kid who lies to his parents that he has been studying in NYU but actually has been spending all the money just for fun.

Pam – a sexy outgoing roommate who buys all the material things just to get attention from others.

Bee – Jack’s girlfriend who has never told anyone what is the real reason why she is here in NYC.

Countdown should be a happy thing but it turn out not so good for them~ This movie totally worth to watch it! 4/5

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

21st Birthday Celebration~

Finally my turn to be 21st year old this year and it also mean a broke year...
Why I said that? Is because Lot my friends also turning into 21st, therefore money fly away more~~

Ever in my life, This will be the big party where I invite about 30+ people to came down to my chalet! I was super touched by those making their time for me

Personally thanks to my Helping Team~~ Elizabeth, Wendy, Derrick, Kim Siong and lastly my boyfriend.. Without them I don't think my party will be awesome

This the Birthday Cake that my Cousin do it for me :P Love It So Much! and also My parent that bring over the cake Safe and Sound!

Super Early Jokumi Usui! Just nice finish setting up and Sorry to keep you waiting while I am shopping outside :( Didn't know you actually came so early...Thank You!!

The working group! Thanks for coming in theme!!! Oh yeah~ In my party, the guy have to be in Black and for Ladies will be in Pink...as for him, is my fault that I didn't told him~ Sorry

Look at how hard working my Helping Team~ to put these lovely balloon for me to take photos :)

Thanks for making your way down to my party~ Adam and Marie

Jokumi really love to pose JoJo Style~ Because there a photo with me posing JoJo Style also XD

Preparing to give my speech, incase of getting lots of different names while singing birthday day song~ XD

Time for the cutting session~~ The Epic moment of this is not about the cake.. Continue to read and you will find out why

Trying to make me do stunt by having cream on my face! See how bad my boyfriend haha.. But too bad, I am too pro! Eventually he very persistant of rubbing the cream on my face. *Crazy-Fun Boyfriend I got*

Ta-Dah! I am using a ladle instead of a cake knife, Thanks to my wonderful cousin forget to include the knife~ *Epic LOL~

MY PRIMARY SCHOOL MATE~ soon a few year down will be receiving each other invitation letter ooh




GAMER GROUP~ Without Comp We Shall Have No Life! Kidding~~~ XDDD

Marie from Alexandria & Alexander. Thank for coming down :) Love you <3

Thanks for everyone making your time for me :) So touch and some even from the West make their way to the East just for me T.T
Love you guys so much! Without you guys it won't be a Fun, Crazy and Whatever Kristy is made out is all thanks to you guys!

The rest of the post will be photos

Thanks Baby for helping me the whole day without complaining anything :)
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