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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eco Vegan Green Cleaners

We Green Clean with Green Tree Becuz We Care

We Green Clean with Green Tree Becuz We Care
We Green Clean with Green Tree Becuz We Care
We Green Clean with Green Tree Becuz We Care
Let’s start now by making our home green and toxic free by using Green Tree!
"Green Tree Household Detergents is a Singapore produced label and is a green label approved in Singapore. These green cleaners are  made by recycled fruits and vegetables and they have no harmful chemicals in them."
Fruits and vegetables that clean your house? HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!
In my whole life, this the first time I ever heard of this other then eating the fruits and vegetables
Does this make you interest to find out more?
Profile of CEO of Green Tree Roy Kee
This kind caring father of two wants to promote green cleaning and help lives live much longer as there are no harmful chemicals in these detergents. He just got featured on Sunday Times. Roy owns Green Tree Eco Vegan Green Cleaning Household products. He has travelled the world and used to live in America. He does mentor ship for neighbourhood schools and he is part of Grassroots Singapore.

Just to let u know if you are interested to feature him in your upcoming articles as he is running a green business in Singapore. He could give Eco tips, business advices and he's amazing with talks and speeches about no phone near the baby, no electronic devices, use green cleaning for the house etc.

Prices & Stores

Dish Washing Liquid, $7.10,
Floor Cleaning Liquid, $11.80,
Laundry Liquid, $14.65,
Delicate Laundry Liquid, $10.35,
All-Purpose Cleaner Liquid, $7.50.

Envizyme Green Tree Products ARE Available At Cold Storage, NTUC Finest & Selected Organic Shops in Singapore!
Why Green Tree Ingredients in STAND OUT FROM OTHERS
• No Cancer Causing sodium lauryl sulfate
• No parabens
• Vegan & vegetarian Friendly, no Animals Derivatives
• Cruelty Free, no harming of animals in process
• Conscious Free
• Powerful and effective washing formula
• Made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes
• Eco Friendly
• 100% biodegradable
• breaks down grease and all organic stains effectively
• no harmful chemicals
• PH balanced
• Gentle on the skin
• Anti-bacterial
• Concentrated formula
Check out their Facebook for more detail:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Life Story

Hey! It been so long that I blogged. Cut to chase, this post might sound a little boring but fear not I will try my best to get the best creative out of my mind writing this!

Are you ready? Let go~

Before the sun is arise, my magical power started to warm up before my eyes even open. As soon the sun rise, the beautiful morning shine right through my barrier which I set it up long ago to protect any danger in the natural.

Soon my communicator alert me to get up before I am late for my work! As I fly over to my work place. I saw my friends waiting for me at the gate. Woah! During working hour we had lots of crazy fun..

But there is just one person who doesn't love to join us, in fact it just add more trouble to our work. Oh well who cares about her....

Soon work is over!

Short post for this, because I already have some blog post delay T.T

Photog: https://www.facebook.com/FringeAndFilm

Shimizu Ai as March hare
Sakura OnTop as White Rabbit
Patricia A Caterpillar
MikiYuri as Alice?
Kurumi as Mad Hatter
Cheshire Meow as Cheshire
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