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Monday, May 27, 2013


Biggest Range, Best Service, Amazing prices! 

SmartBuyGlasses is part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, one of the world's leading online designer eyewear retailers with operations in Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the USA. 

  • Fast Shipping
  • Secure signed for courier service by Aramex & DHL
  • Tracking numbers emailed to you as soon as your order ships

These are my favorite SunGlasses! 

To be truth, this my first time ever heard there SunGlasses for sport!! Woah! Fishing, Surfing, Cycling and etc, Check it out over here!

Since I am driving, Of cos I will take a look inside and see what interest me :)

 I am totally in love with this SunGlasses! But Hey! Wait! They still have..... Contact lenses!

Remember ooh they do have a Facebook page, Do give them a like and share oh~

There a little things I found out! It might be a little surprise to me buy they do have "Buy 1, Give 1" charity work.

Buy One,Give One

For every pair of glasses you buy, we give one to someone in need

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cure Festival Singapore 2013

Cure fest just end, I am having fun this 2 day! Day 1 Cosplaying as Enya Geil (Granny) from JoJo. Lots of them couldn't recognize me until i start to speak and a few of them who spotted me well done i can say haha 

Day 2 the weather a bit harsh on me, keep drinking lots of water

*costume way too tight on me, size is about M size but somehow i am able to wear but still tight*

When Cosplaying the hotness is always there! but fun time always there too
. No pain, No gain in Cosplay i would turn it into No Effort, No Fun

Putting it aside, I have a few cosplayer who approach me saying they are interested to join WCS (World Cosplay Summit) I am happy to hear that do know that WCS is not like those Cosplay posing competition ohh, along the way to the final day, i have learn lots of stuff with my partner and with the other team,
 instead of having enemy killer look all in all we still friends 

Fun factor is alway there but there will be serious times too and now after Cure Fest we will be having more serious things to be done.. Hope all WCS team performance will woah the whole Cosfest. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

My master Dio, Pitcha support him on his World Cosplay oh

Super love this photo! Beside me, That Shirley Look out for her during Cosfest ooh She will be cosplaying one of the JoJo Character too!

One of the Dragonboat member, he is damn funny! *Hey take picture!* click *Take more come on! they look so wonderful!!* click click click*More more more!!!* 

A photo of us in the dragonboat, Before that we were having fun waiting for it haha

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