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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gone for Long, What the....Mermaid?

Ooohhhh yaaa!! 
Is been so long i am away from my blogging but don't be afraid i am more active on instagram, twitter or facebook page follow one if these you will find out what in life i am doing

Back to the early of this year, i am busying preparing my World Cosplay Competition due to that is spend me fully 3 month we actually came out a skit, costume and props. I can said that this 3 month i been improving lots of ways in cosplay not just cosplay the ability to work with another cosplayer which you don't know completely stranger, Although that not the worst i can think of.

My partner, Bernard known as Kagami. Older then me by a few years but he just started cosplay yet brave enough to join World Cosplay Summit Competiton i am admire him for that. It make me think back of my past where i started cosplay during 2007 joining small competiton to gain experience before making my way to World Cosplay Summit. I am confidently tell you IS TOTALLY AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL!
In the progress, we try to reduce the agurment to be more productive. I am glad that i have him as my partner, willing to learn and fast learner.

I remember clearly those smelly sweat in our costume for the whole week we been praticing no time to give it a wash. Repairing props is one of the time consuming...really... we made a wrong choice of that :(
Oh well, for those who miss our performance during Cosfest this year. 

Below is the video to watch our performance hope you like it

Recently on the internet, a video gone viral! The Mermaids: The New Evidence. Watch it below to find out more about this.

Been a mermaid is always my childhood dream. But it hidden down deep in my heart because I know I can't be like a mermaid...

With the Search Engine help, I am able to find out more detail about becoming mermaid though a online forums known as Mernetwork

Over there, lots of them over the world have the love of becoming Mermaid like I do!

One of the night swimming in Mermaid Tail! Mermaid tail cost ranging from $100 to $3000 USD
Expensive Hobby I could say...

if anyone would love to join me as mermaid feel free to contact me :)

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