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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sponsored: Trimton What?!?!!

Hey guys!!!

Its been really really long on updating this blog!

Let get this started, Shall we?

By search engine, you receive lots website stating their review so on and so for.
Stepping in here, Ah Girl Plus Size Blog...

Lose weight or not?

The below effect that i have does not apply to everyone. Different people have different body and naturally our body might react differently as compared to others even though we are taking the same pills.

I shall straight to the point instead making this post look so nice and wonderful to see instead of reading.

These pills side effect on me, making me drink lots of water which is good at the same time. timing for eating the meal also important

I grow way hungry if i didn't take in any food after the 30min of eating the pills. At times, rather say most of the I forget to take the pills before my meal.

but still I went ahead to have my meal.. what kind of meal I am having? Check this out!

Yummy look prawn!

Am I making you drooling on food now?

OH yeah!! you see it

After all these meal! I was so afraid to get up on the weight machine... Guess what! I am not gaining any weight in fact I am losing it!

End of the day, it still depend on you yourself making an effort to your own balance life :)

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