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30-Days Challenge of Cosplay

So today is the start of mine 30 days challenge of cosplay!
For those who doesn't know what is it about? Totally a challenge to myself, since I started my cosplay I always plan all my stuff ahead of time. If not I won't have the time to adjust the stuff that I needed to alter. Not the cosplay meme, answer one question each day and along with a picture.

So this time going give myself a "hard" time, Not going to reveal what the character I am going to do but soon when I finish up will reveal at the end :)

Before I end this post! There a event held in Suntec last week and I was there for the 3rd day, next time saw me give me a shout out to my twitter if you are not sure is it a not haha. Make up do wonder ooh :)
So here the photos :)
Taken by my friend  Rachel Rynx Ong, She totally forget that me and I used to cosplay with her *bang her* At the later day, I meet her at orchard and once again she asked me did I went for AFA =_=
Taken from Shou (Atelier Royale Butler) He is quite funny haha When I walked in, I thought I was going to lead to my seat but no. He started to introduce to me "#@@%$# Watashi wa SHOU DESU" that what I heard from him and he got difficulty pronouncing haha.
and the first sentence I said "Da, he flirting me lei" hahaha

I would said they did way better than last year! How would I know? Last year what my impression of them is "Singapore AhBeng Butler" totally got no mood to get in. BUT THIS YEAR, They changed a lot and make me wanna get inside and give it a try. Even though this is not the first time I went for butler cafe but I would said this year they are my 1st choice of butler cafe I would go for again and again and again.

How was the cafe like?
Just like a normal cafe with handsome butler serving you. There time limit for these if not everyone doesn't want to get off from their ass from there haha, time limit 45mins. Before I went in I saw my secondary school science teacher was part in there! (Actually I know that she is in cosplay scene) So she took everyone order so that It won't jammed up the whole system.

Once I got my meal WOOTS! Was eating half way about 4 butler came up to me to have a chat haha they will friendly but I like to tease them haha! Alright next time if you like to have your meal somewhere fun they are the cafe you should look for, they do not appear every time oh so is RARE! 
1st Day Of Challenge
I got to buy all my items at daiso and spotlight because these 2 place are my cosplay best friend shop where I am able to find almost everything in there! Not only that, they are sort of cheap!
So what did I done today? Simple stuff and not so complicated.

Stuff like Armor, props and the design of the costume :) So that total up about my 1st day of challenge. To me is kind of little because I still got shop to tend and yes crazy customer sure have.

2nd Day Of Challenge
Today basically the layout of the costume before turning into complicated stuff and more of the design of the costume.
No you don't! Don't ever think this is easy drawing 5 petals of flower, seriously I feel like killing myself doing this! Note: All is in different size so yeah! Different shape too :)

Hopefully tomorrow get to modify my costume more before I touch on the sewing part! BEHOLD! I am using hand sew not machine!

3rd & 4th Day Of Challenge
Sorry for not updating on the 3rd day, was super tired and too busy at my shop making me having not much time spending on my costume.
So yeah! this the basic layout out my costume, so this few day keep doing the design of my costume. Painting, sewing, painting, sewing.
Kind of lots of work, because I need to wait for it to dry about 1 hour for each coat and I need to sew the edges before adding more part to it WOW! And my other part still haven't start yet, got to finish the costume by this week hopefully!

5th Day Of Challenge
So today more sewing, painting and cutting! Do take note I use hand sew that why it take up quite time consuming so that why! 0.0

So I kind of finish the sewing part for now~ Because I still need to sew up the collar and the sleeve part...

Guess what this is what my mood or feeling now~
Guess really need to speed up my painting part now~~~

6th Day Of Challenge
Today unable to do a lot of things! I am not trying to say I am lazy or what(sometime alright?) Morning time, I got to go to research for my upcoming shop location currently no location for now~ how sad is that?!?
So about afternoon time reach shop, by the time finish opening and having lunch is about 3+ so I left a few hour to do it.

So what I do is painting and more painting!! Endless painting to do~~~ and about 7+ I got to go for my singing lesson. That some what summary my whole day. Totally damn sad..Hopefully tomorrow able to finish up because tomorrow is my off days~~

7th Day Of Challenge
Yes! Finally I paint finish the whole patch! Phew...Is like
Since today is my off day, so going to get more stuff before kind of run out of stock? I always have that thinking, whenever I need the items in that shop, it will magically said Out Of Stock. So before I get disappointed I GET IT FAST!

This actually with full finger glove, so I decide to trim it to what I want haha...
To be honest, that actually is driving glove. Kind of prevent tanning your hand when driving? for lady I suppose.

Tomorrow got to sew more and then paint more...Forever Painting/Sewing~

8th~10th Day Of Challenge
I know! I know! Late of update right?!?!
Starting on the collar, got to fold in the edges so that the thread won't anyhow fly~

This is how it look like when sew it together :) It abit hard, because sewing together about 3 layer of cloth together and I kind of hurt my finger~ Oh well after sewing the collar finish, I will start the paint again and sew the sleeve in~

11th Day Of Challenge
Suay Day!(Unlucky Day) I lost my camera which I just brought like 3 month ago AND TODAY I LOST IT! No mood for this and my monthly blood gushing out~ More tired~~

12th~13th Day Of Challenge
Today I have Good news and Bad news
Here come the bad news!!
I broke the needle, that show how hard working I am! so story goes like this!
Something hit my hand "hmm what that?" So don't care like a BOSS! Trying to continue to sew, something caught my attention!
"eh, how come I can't pop it through?" Actually I broke the needle.....How slow I am~
Show you magic here! Magnetic Needle!!!

Alright here come the good news!
I am going to complete my costume! Just a few sewing, painting and pasting WILL BE DONE SOON! Feel like it take me forever to be done!

14th~15th Day Of Challenge
Already past 2 week, And I just "so-called" finish my costume layout! And I also I broke quite a lot of needle, Maybe the needle hate me T.T

Does it look more like a costume now? Haha my boyfriend said that my sewing skill is totally look like from the sewing machine. ^,^ So happy to hear that in fact, I think that the only think he compliment me on~ (As far as I can remember)

So got to put a pause for the other sewing first, before my hand gone CRAZY! Next, will be the "belt/obi" :)

16th~17th Day Of Challenge
Yesterday I feel like give myself a rest day so didnt do anything at all. But that doesn't stop me from thinking what are the other part needed to solve, so today I brought more material for it.
for my character ear, tail. obi and slash. It might seem little, just for the fur is totally damage me $30 and is only 0.5m. That is how expensive it is so I am going make fully use of it! Hopefully it turn out how I want it oh~

18th~19th Day Of Challenge
I rush finish my tail and my obi! Ta-Da!

Deadline is getting closer and my items is almost done, hopefully it still go smooth like normal.

20th~22th Day Of Challenge
Finally! I have done my costume! Now what left is the shoe, sock and I am still trying to figure out how to do my ear! Not much time left bye~

23th~28th Day Of Challenge
I know I haven't been updating much, is due to work and needed to be fast in finishing up what I needed to! But today! I finally kind of complete the whole thing! And now I shall reveal what are the character are!

Dog Days, Yukikaze Panettone

 More info about this character can be found here:

So now! There still thing I still left and needed to do
-Turtle neck shirt
-Long knee sock
-Prepare myself!

As you look the shoe is not the normal shoe where you can easily found in Singapore with my huge size feet. So what I have to do is D.I.Y!
 Big hard form! Super THICK and HARD! Which is what I am looking for BUT, NOT THE COLOR!

 So I got to measure my shoe haha, I know is dirty!!

With a little modify and I am done with my shoe haha and the red color ball, is the necklace for it. But if you look carefully, it actually is a Christmas decoration.

What do you think? Smart right haha!
So tomorrow shall be my last update with the finally look is out STAY TUNE!
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